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She Healed Her Pancreatic Cancer With Nutrition and Enzymes

For most of us, the word “cancer” is like a bad omen, and something that one hopes to avoid forever. This seemingly incurable disease affects millions of families every year. With a cancer diagnosis usually comes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, which all then bring their own slew of side effects.

If one heard that cancer can be cured naturally, you would probably think it’s too good to be true. But that is exactly what one woman did.

In late 2000, Ann Cooper was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. If you know anything about the different types of cancer, pancreatic has an extremely low survival rate, because it is often caught only in the late stages, and it is so difficult to treat effectively.

Her doctors immediately recommended surgery, which would be followed by radiation and chemotherapy. They hoped that this combination of treatments would give Ann a maximum of fifteen months to live.

After considering the threats of surgery, as well as the side effects of radiation and chemo, Ann began doing some research into alternative medicine.

First, she began implementing vitamins and herbs that improved her immunity. She looked to a book by Dr. Hulda Clark titled “The Cure for All Cancers” which provided her with some alternative treatments and the best nutrition for beating cancer naturally.

She started taking Nutricology Pancreatic Enzymes every day, which helped heal her pancreas from the inside out.

She started eating more wholesomely, scratching all processed foods and replacing them with natural, nutrient-dense foods (think lots of organic veggies). She made sure to exercise regularly, and never drank or smoked.

Sixteen years later, Ann is healthy and full of life. She has more energy than before, and no negative side effects from her cancer treatment since she opted for the natural route.

Video by Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with the terrifying disease that is cancer, don’t let modern medicine tell you that surgery or chemotherapy are your only options. Speak with an alternative medicine professional, and find out what lifestyle changes you (or your loved one) can make to beat cancer for good.

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