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The Best 23 Gunnar Glasses

The Best 23 Gunnar Glasses,Although the usefulness of computer glasses in reducing blue light has been established, a 2015 study published in the Optometry & Visual Performance journal discovered that Gunnar glasses did not lessen eyestrain.For people that need to see real colour without a tint getting in the way, such graphic artists and programmers, these blue light lenses are excellent.In general, casual gamers and technology users will find the Gunnar Clear blue light lenses to be a wonderful choice if they sometimes experience eye strain and other problems.The Lighting Bolt 360 Gaming Glasses by Gunnar Optiks were our top choice.High-quality eyewear with adjustable nose bridges and temple lengths for a perfect fit. Strap provided for further stability.

The Best 23 Gunnar Glasses

The Best 23 Gunnar Glasses are as following:

1. Gameking Ultra Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses from GAMEKING,Rimless video gaming glasses that are simple to put on prescription frames and that relieve digital eyestrain and dry eyes so you can sleep better.Given the lengthy hours that everyone, not just video game players or IT professionals, spends in front of digital screens these days, GAMEKING was founded with a genuine worry about what contemporary technology will do to our eyes.Due to the negative impacts of blue light, modern technology and digital gadgets may have significantly benefited our job, learning, and lifestyle, but NOT necessarily our eyesight.Our goal is to spread inexpensive protection and knowledge against the damaging effects of blue light and UV that impact all age groups.Clip-On Blue Light Blocking Computer from GAMEKING
To shield your eyes from damaging blue light, UV rays, and glares, glasses are made to conveniently clip onto your prescription glasses.The majority of prescription eyeglasses can use it.The amber tint lens blocks blue light and reduces direct exposure while maintaining visual appeal.With less glare and more beneficial light going through thanks to anti-reflective (AR) coating, eyestrain is decreased and visual acuity is improved with less disturbance.
To assure safety and impact resistance, lenses have passed the FDA Drop Ball Test.

2. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses are the best gaming eyewear currently available.They are our top choice because to their superbly adjusted minimal colour distortion lenses, ability to effectively block UV from fluorescent lights, decrease glare from displays, and superior ability to effectively block blue light to aid in maintaining focus.Some of the characteristics of the top gaming accessories are those listed above.We analysed top-performing glasses from Gunnar, Coasion, PlayStation, and more to help you pick the best gaming glasses available.We assessed them for their comfort over the long term, visibility, and impact on eye strain and tiredness.We also kept an eye out for the best affordable gaming glasses as well as prescription gaming glasses to round out our selection of the best blue light glasses.The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses are our top choice.These cutting-edge blue light blocking glasses may be ordered with minimal colour distortion lenses that maintain “true” colour vision while blocking up to 90% of the most dangerous, high-energy blue light rays.They also don’t distort the colour spectrum or make everything seem yellow.

3. Livho Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

These blue light shield gaming glasses are also offered in a stronger tint that provides your field of vision a little more warm colour while still blocking 62% of blue light overall.
90% of the highest intensity and most damaging blue light is blocked by both variants.
It is believed that this light, which has a wavelength of 400–430 nm and is frequently referred to as near-ultraviolet, is what causes the eye symptoms connected with computer vision fatigue.The glare from the top Xbox One games will be lessened with these gaming glasses.The UV-blocking lenses offer eye protection while gaming, and the light, vintage-style frames don’t obstruct your field of vision.Additionally, they are fashionable enough to wear to work and cosy enough for extended computer use.For individuals who spend long hours looking at screens, these gaming glasses are a simple and pleasant approach to lessen eye strain, eye fatigue, and headache risk.These blue light-blocking glasses might be really useful, especially if you work in an office if your monitor doesn’t include a blue light filter.They are a necessary computer and gaming gear since they are said to improve sleep quality, boost vitality, and protect the eyes from UV damage.For best comfort when gaming on your PS4, connect them with a PS4 headset with a microphone.These glasses include lightweight titanium alloy frames that are comfortable for extended wear.Their understated antique design stands out against the slightly tacky plastic appearance typical of inexpensive gaming glasses.However, not everyone likes the adult design, and some people might prefer the Ray-Ban-inspired appearance of the Playstation gaming spectacles (our #2 selection).You’ll also need the finest gaming headset if you want to improve your gaming audio.

4. Numskull Official PlayStation UV and Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Licensed PlayStation UV and Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses from Numskull, Official PlayStation UV and Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are ranked third.Best Tinted AwardThese gaming glasses are an approved Sony Playstation product designed to shield the eyes from harmful UV rays and excessive blue light from computer and smartphone screens.Both gamers and PC and laptop users can utilise them.These officially-licensed Playstation gaming glasses are well-reviewed for their eye-protective qualities, as well as their ability to improve on-screen detail and motion tracking for more efficient gameplay.Contrary to Livho’s clear blue light-blocking glasses, these somewhat alter the colour spectrum.The ensuing warmer image also lessens eye fatigue and eases sleeplessness brought on by screens.These Sony Playstation glasses are among the finest gaming glasses for ardent gamers, Twitch streamers, and eSports players because of its excellent sharpness and UV protection.They are useful for folks who spend a lot of time at a computer, but graphic artists must be aware that they change the colour spectrum.
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5. ANYLUV Gaming Glasses with Blue Light Blocking

The ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are our #4 choice.The ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are our choice.BEST for producivity Award, With an anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint coating, these non-tinted blue light blocking glasses are strong and comfortable to wear.They are excellent for use in offices and home offices since they also provide the added advantages of UV filtering, glare reduction, and LED flicker reduction.These blue light blocking glasses from AnyLuv have non-tinted clear lenses and provide UV-400 level UVA and UVB protection, reducing eye strain and tiredness and preserving visual clarity. They are designed for better health and productivity as well as crisper gaming performance.They are made of high-quality yet lightweight metal frames.These gaming glasses filter the more energetic end of the blue light spectrum while keeping the majority of the natural looks of colours, with a blue light blocking rating of 45%.These don’t have a tint that can be seen, thus they seem to be “regular” prescription glasses, unlike the Playstation and the Gunnar Optics onyx gaming glasses.
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6. Gunnar Optics Riot/Onyx Gaming Glasses

Gaming Glasses: Riot/Onyx by Gunnar Optics,The Gunnar Optics Riot/Onyx Gaming Glasses are ranked as our #5 choice.The Gunnar Optics Riot/Onyx Gaming Glasses are ranked as our #5 choice.Best Optometrist Recommended Award,With a 65% blue light blocking rating, the highest of any glasses on our list, these onyx-framed Gunnar gaming glasses are designed to block the most intense portion of the blue light spectrum.These FDA-approved, eye doctor-recommended blue light-blocking glasses are made to prevent sleeplessness and mental exhaustion brought on by the excessive blue light emitted by screens and LEDs when gaming and using other computers and mobile devices.The Gunnar Opitks onyx gaming glasses feature 65% blue light filtering, which is greater than the Anyluv non-tinted glasses. They include a sturdy, humidity-proof, and lightweight polycarbonate frame.These are UV 400-rated for UV blocking, much like the rest of the top gaming glasses on our list.This helps protect visual acuity and prevent age-related macular degeneration.When playing on your favourite gaming system, you’ll want to wear them.

7. COASION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses with blue light blocking model. The COASION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are our pick at number six.The COASION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are our pick at number six.Best on a Budget Award,These gaming glasses have stylish vintage-style rims that make them suitable for use in a professional atmosphere and go with a range of outfits. They are also UV-400 certified, which means that in addition to their blue light blocking capabilities, they also block dangerous UV rays.These affordable eyewear options are among the most fashionable on our list of cheap gaming glasses. They look great at the workplace, on Zoom and Facetime meetings, and they also work to lessen eye strain and potential long-term harm from blue light emitted by screens and monitors.Their semi-rimless frames have a vintage style that was made popular by prescription eyeglasses in the 1950s and 1960s.The low-friction coating and shape memory of the titanium polymer TR-90 frames make them easy to put on and make them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.You may wish to utilise the finest gaming mouse while you wear these glasses.


Computer, gaming, television, and phone glasses with spring hinges from K KENZHOU reduce eye strain and UV glare and ease dry eye, headache, and blurry vision in both men and women.Blue light-blocking glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses are the major items we sell.Our organisation has consistently put the value of “Inheriting the spirit of the artisan, manufacturing high quality items with heart” first while focusing on quality and training in the core value idea of “Excellence, Innovation, and Transcendence.”The firm currently holds 20 patents and consistently offers Friends who desire health and fashion a fair price and good faith service.We are currently working to add value and provide more stylish, comfortable, and healthy eyewear to those who enjoy fashion.


Glasses by ELEMENT LUX that Block Blue Light for Better Sleep, Gaming, Eye Strain, and Computer UseYou’re surely aware that the blue light generated by your screen is hurting any chance of getting a good night’s sleep, whether you’re a late-night gamer, an online entrepreneur, a shift worker unwinding with an iPad movie before bed, or a before-bed bookworm engrossed in your e-reader.Because Element LUX Blue Blocking Glasses enable you to enjoy your digital nights while simultaneously enhancing your ability to sleep deeper and spend more time online.The wavelength of blue light, which is also present in sunshine, is 400–500 nm.Our macular (eye) health is most affected by some portions of the spectrum, but our circadian (sleep/wake) cycle and mood are more influenced by other sections.Like other energy waves, you can block portions or all of this one as well.Amber blocks 70–99% of the blue spectrum, whereas clear tints only block SOME of it (20–40%).

10. TIJN

If you’re searching for a fashionable frame, the TIJN is a fantastic option.It’s fantastic to know that you may completely shield your eyes from hazardous radiation.Due to its low coefficient of friction, this product may be worn on your nose for extended periods of time without discomfort.The square frame design of the TIJN is stunning.It enables a wider lens, which is more comfortable for both children and adults.The product has a fantastic design that emphasises the retro-style frame.This product is a great pick because of its futuristic transparent finish, which gives it a modern appearance.


The FEIYOLD are incredibly lightweight and ideal for wearing all day.The two sets of glasses have a stunning appearance and strike the perfect balance between eye safety and the gaming experience.This product is extremely durable even if it contains TR90 material.Because the FEIYOLD can offer comprehensive coverage from the blue-ray spectrum, we appreciated them.You can block any ray from 400 nm to 440 nm with these glasses if you want to use a 3A transparent lens.The manufacturer offers a worry-free service with it.The 93% high transmittance of the FEIYOLD Retro Round Blocking Glasses improves visibility.The 3A clear lens accomplishes its job and shields you from UV light threats as you play video games.It has a generally lightweight body that you may wear on your nose for extended periods of time.

12. FEIYOLD Retro Round Blocking Glasses

Everyone would love to own FEIYOLD Retro Round Blocking Glasses, without a doubt.
In nature, the leopard body form seems to be highly fashionable.The glasses’ overall design is given a new depth by its vintage circular body design.It is unquestionably the best option.

13. Gamma Ray

An anti-reflective lens on the Gamma Ray can filter dangerous light rays.It offers extra UV protection, making it suitable for prolonged usage.The item has a black body frame that would be stylish to wear outside as well.Many customers claim that the Gamma Ray has a lightweight and flexible body.Even after wearing it for several hours, it is still quite pleasant to wear because of its durability.Every adult should be able to wear lenses that are roughly 53 millimetres wide.

14. ALTEC Vision

If you’re seeking for the greatest device that can block blue lights, the ALTEC Vision is a fantastic item to have.You can see 90% of the visible light using the light sensitivity glasses that are included.Because of its amber colour, it also lessens digital eye strain.The xBlue resin lens technology is present in the eyewear.The ALTEC Vision is unquestionably the greatest option if you’re seeking for the best gaming glasses with a full-rim body design.This item is designed to improve computer use in general as well as gaming sessions.Regarding the design, it has a sophisticated, incredibly robust stainless steel frame.

15. DUCO

The DUCO’s traditional black frame and body give you the appearance of a seasoned player.The product is made using a TR90 frame, which is lightweight and perfect for everyday usage.Following product testing, we discovered that the frame appears to fit on flawlessly.We had no nasal ache even after wearing the product for a lengthy 20 hours.The DUCO has a lens coating that reduces glare, according to consumer feedback.Additionally, it offers modest UV400 protection, which ought to be adequate for gaming.The product has a respectable lens width and size that ought to be comfortable for both men and women to wear.The spring hinge makes this product flexible even if its total width is a little shorter.

16. HyperX

The trademark comfort of HyperX is included with the gaming eyewear.It is designed to be used continuously throughout the day.The trustworthy defences guarantee protection from digital eye strain.With this gadget, you may enjoy some quality gaming while spending time in front of the TV without being hurt.In comparison to other brands, some customers believe that the price of HyperX Gaming Eyewear is a little high.But it’s worth it because of the sturdy frame and the possibility of having good UV protection.While evaluating, we noticed how attractive the frame is.It has a hand-cut pattern that offers a beautiful appearance.

17. Warby Parker

According to Warby Parker, their glasses are excellent for those who spend a lot of time staring at screens and can help reduce eye fatigue.The business states that UV rays, which may potentially be dangerous, are completely blocked by the lenses.a reliable source in our view.The business sells the lenses together with a variety of frames.Alternately, for $50, the lenses may be added to any frame.A client may select five frames from Warby Parker’s home try-on service, and the business will mail them for free.After that, people have five days to decide which pair they want to buy.Additionally, the business provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for unhappy customers and a 6-month no-scratch guarantee for prescription and sunglass lenses.Both nonprescription and prescription lenses are available to customers.

18. Felix Gray

Blue light lenses are a feature of numerous distinct versions of glasses made by Felix Gray.The business claims that their blue light lenses can aid in controlling a person’s mood and sleep cycle.Additionally, according to Felix Gray, the lenses can help with depression, enhance memory and cognitive function, and promote children’s eye health.Felix Gray has a 30-day, risk-free returns policy, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, you may send back your glasses.Additionally, the business provides extended warranties, which start at $11.99.The business sells reading, prescription, and nonprescription lenses.


There are several various frame options available from GUNNAR, and each of its lenses, according to the company, offers a varying amount of blue light protection.Additionally, GUNNAR asserts that its computer glasses include antireflective coatings on both sides of the lens, which prevent damaging blue and UV radiation.The manufacturer claims that the silicone coating on the lenses helps prevent scratches.If a consumer does not see a decrease in eyestrain and enhanced clarity, focus, and visual performance within 30 days of purchase, the firm provides a complete refund.
It also provides a one-year warranty.

20. Zenni Optical

According to Zenni Optical, its Blokz lenses shield the eyes from blue light.Additionally, Zenni Optical offers a selection of blue light lenses that are particularly made for gamers, claiming that these lenses filter blue light, lessen eyestrain, and do not distort colours.On the Zenni Optical website, a quick quiz may be taken to identify the best lenses for a person’s individual requirements.For personalised glasses performance, they may also select from a selection of lens add-ons, such as fog resistance.Customers of Zenni Optical can select between nonprescription and prescription lenses.With the exception of some lens films, Zenni Optical provides a 30-day returns policy but no other guarantees.Blue light lenses with an anti-glare coating that block UV light are available from Privé Revaux.There are several frame alternatives, available in a variety of colours and forms, and the lenses are practically transparent.

21. Privé Revaux

It offers more than 30 distinct styles of eyewear.If a customer returns their glasses within 30 days of purchase and is not happy, the manufacturer will issue a full refund.There doesn’t seem to be any warranty offered by the business.Non-prescription lenses are available for all Privé Revaux blue light eyewear.Only a small percentage of Privé Revaux blue light spectacles, however, are also offered with prescription lenses.

22. Barner

A business in Europe by the name of Barner sells glasses that block blue light.There are offered both prescription and nonprescription lenses.However, the business does not provide non-prescription lenses with magnification.These lenses come with a variety of basic coatings, such as an anti-glare and a hydrophobic coat.Additionally, Barner offers castor bean-based bio-based frames for purchase.According to the firm, castor beans produce environmentally friendly plastic.A 30-day returns window and a two-year warranty are included with every Barner product.

23. GlassesUSA

Blue light-blocking lenses are available at GlassesUSA for many different types of frames, including several Ray-Ban models.Regardless of the frame a person chooses, this is an additional that is available when selecting the lens type and costs $19.Both prescription and nonprescription lenses are offered by the business.A 14-day return window and a one-year warranty are provided by GlassesUSA.


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