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The COVID-19 Effect On Hair Transplants

With lockdown restrictions over the last year meaning many essential services being put on hold, how did this affect those looking to have a hair transplant? Like many non-priority surgical procedures, hair transplants were not exempt from this, but now with restrictions lifting across the world, those experiencing hair loss will want to resume their options. Here, we’ll take a look at how hair transplants have been affected by COVID-19 and what to look out for when choosing a clinic at home or abroad.

COVID-19 Safe Procedures

One of the biggest concerns for anyone venturing back into a clinical environment is that of safety, ensuring that there is minimal risk for patients to undergo a procedure of contracting the virus. The good news is, safety is already high in the priorities of anywhere performing surgical treatments and minimally invasive procedures, even before COVID-19, so standards are always needing to be high. If you are looking to have treatment in the UK or travel for the best hair transplant in Istanbul, the quality of care within a COVID-secure environment is always at the forefront of patient safety.

You should look to find clinics and facilities that promote patient safety and advise how they ensure the spread of COVID-19 is avoided. This includes the wearing of masks by staff and all patients, social distancing guidelines in place throughout the facilities to keep footfall at a minimum, and clear organisation of patient timetables to prevent overcrowding. This should be reflected by having a booking only policy so no one can just walk in for an appointment without notice. Cleaning routines and hand sanitisation must be in place and routine testing of staff should be in place.

Hair Transplants After Restrictions

With the current situation still awaiting further lifting of restrictions on many industries, once this happens, many facilities, clinics and hospitals can resume booking procedures. This could mean waiting times could quickly get longer, so this should be kept in mind when enquiring about a hair loss procedure. Many consultations can take place via video instead, but for a thorough assessment, an in-person meeting will be eventually required. Depending on the location of the clinic, those looking at a hair transplant will also need to consider travel restrictions as many destinations are still restricted to travel to from the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Once all remaining travel restrictions are lifted, interest in medical tourism will undoubtedly peak again thanks to the savings that can be potentially gained. In the meantime, all hair transplant specialist clinics will be able to offer expert advice, video consultation and estimated costs to help those looking for treatment make an informed decision. Most will be more than happy to discuss any concerns in relation to COVID-19 with you, helping to put at ease any anxiety regarding undergoing surgery as well as from the virus. With vaccination programmes in full swing around the world, it’s only a matter of time before normal service will resume.


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