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The top vitamins for supporting your immune system

It’s no secret that the key to a flourishing, thriving and well-functioning immune system has its core in your diet. Essentially, that phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ was pretty spot on. Vitamins from supplements, fruit, vegetables or even the sun’s rays are vital for an effective immune system that can shield you from all those foreign invaders. While you may find a lot of these vitamins from food and the sun, there is still an opportunity to add that extra 10% to your routine. This comes in the form of supplements, most notably Sons’ newest Immune Health Supplement. Here are four examples of vitamins found in supplements that can give your immune system a big boost.

Vitamin C

As one of the most important vitamins in your entire body, it’s no surprise that Vitamin C plays a big role in sustaining a well-functioning immune system. Fortunately, this vitamin is a mainstay in plenty of foods, including citrus fruits, berries and peppers, and also plays a big role in repairing muscles and other tissues. On top of that, Vitamin C can also help to fight off rogue free radicals that have entered your body to damage cells. Various studies have suggested that Vitamin C supplementation is able to have a significant impact on your immune system’s ability to function effectively. This helps your body to reduce the number of colds (as well as their duration), especially in people who have a regular exercise routine.

Vitamin D

Found in a variety of foods such as eggs, mushrooms and fish, Vitamin D is another essential vitamin that is found in plenty of supplements. Even though you can get your Vitamin D from foods and supplements, the body also naturally takes in the vitamin from the sun’s rays. When winter comes along and the time the sun spends in the sky is reduced, there are a significant amount of people who suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency unknowingly. Unfortunately, that spells bad news for your immune system, which relies on a sustained amount of Vitamin D to function. However, there is strong clinical evidence across the scientific community showing that supplementing vitamin D every day can actively improve your immune system and reduce the risk of those irritating colds and cases of flu.

Vitamin B

Otherwise known scientifically as pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is a type of B vitamin – but how is Vitamin B6 any different from the other B Vitamins? Well – the vitamin has a crucial part to play in hundreds of enzyme reactions, helping the body to metabolise protein and fats for energy. A recent large study found that those that had a higher level of the vitamin in their blood were shielded against the risk of inflammation, which is often caused by an overactive immune system. Essentially, that means that your immune system will never be at its best if it doesn’t have a reserve of Vitamin B6 at its disposal.

While these aren’t the only vitamins that play a big role in your immunity, there’s no doubt that daily supplementation could have a big impact.


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