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21 Top Best Review on Thrustmaster Tmx

21 Top Best Review on Thrustmaster Tmx.This issue is not at all present with the TMX, and the force feedback seems rather natural.
The Thrustmaster TMX is adequate in terms of force feedback strength. In comparison to many racing wheels, it is weak. But the force feedback is a good strength for a beginner racing wheel. Racing sim lovers will like the wheel’s sensitive and quiet Force Feedback, for greater immersion in games ,with feelings that are remarkably close to real-world situations.

21 Top Best Review on Thrustmaster Tmx

The 21 Top Best Review on Thrustmaster Tmx is as following:


The TMX was developed with different sorts of drivers in mind; because to its ergonomic design and variety of built-in technology, it is completely adaptable to all types of racing game styles (Rally, F1, NASCAR and even GT).The racing wheel includes a two-pedal pedal combination that functions effectively in all conditions.


The wheel’s rim is 11 inches (28 cm) in diameter, which guarantees total adaptability and makes the TMX ideal for all types of racing games.Experience the exhilaration of several race courses and circuits, including thrilling F1 and Rally competition and every form of four-wheeled excitement in between.


With a maximum rotational speed of 2.5, the wheel offers an unmatched degree of control at every turn.The TMX’s wide range of rotation angles (from 270° to 900°) enable all virtual drivers to be as exact as possible during every race.


Large sequential paddle shifters made entirely of metal are standard on the TMX.Their ergonomic design enables superb handling with smooth and distinct gear shifting, much like the paddle shifters used in very high-performance automobiles.


With several power adjustment options, the Force Feedback included into the T150 (PS4/PC) and TMX (Xbox One/PC) racing wheels is incredibly adjustable.With the help of the wheel’s extremely sensitive Force Feedback, gamers’ virtual drivers may move with the accuracy required to continuously improve their performance.


The T150 (PS4/PC) and TMX (Xbox One/PC) are the only racing wheels with a belt-pulley Force Feedback system, and it is the greatest benefit offered by Thrustmaster racing wheels.This technology enables the motor’s noises to be channelled while also giving off a sense of smoothness, enabling intuitive control of Force Feedback power.Thrustmaster’s TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.Fun to use, but requires some getting accustomed to,much more difficult than controller.

7. Super Enjoyable

And a lot more enjoyable.If your desk is too thick to clamp or your chair is too high, you probably need to switch.You’ll struggle if you don’t look up how to calibrate it.They are not what they were in the 1990s and the early 2000s, but this is still entertaining!
I returned it thinking it was the incorrect one, but they stated they are universal so it does work. It also has an Xbox button below the wheel, which is the one thing I don’t like about it. I purchased it for an Xbox S, but it has the PlayStation logo right in the centre.

8. Fantastic Racing Wheel


It may be an entry-level wheel and its internal mechanism may not be particularly fluid while doing simulated driving in Forza Horizon, but if you set such things aside, using this to play those kinds of games feels fantastic.

9. Children adore it

The ffb appears much more realistic than direct drive, like the g920, and it works wonderfully.If you’re on a tight budget, purchase the thrustmaster T248 instead if you can.My children adore this,They believe that they are actually driving.

10. Effortless Use

Really excellent; wires are a pain, so find a permanent location; this is the first sim wheel I’ve bought or used.I had to reduce its sensitivity to about half because, if I didn’t, it might rip out of my hands at the least provocation, and I would become too terrified to resist it.

11. Exceptionally Realistic Experience

I got this to use on my Xbox One X, and I wasn’t let down,All I had to do to get ready to race was connect this to the racing chair I already owned that I bought at a yard sale.I tested it out on a few different kinds of games, and on each of them, it outperformed my expectations.The game where you race off-road in a dirt derby was the most enjoyable, in my opinion.The feeling of realism is astounding.I felt every bump and twitch as if I were truly driving off-road.Once you get it out, though, you won’t want to stop using it. It might be a bit challenging at first to get the hang of.I wish this kind of technology had been present when racing games on the PS2 were so popular 15 years ago, but it is now, so use it,Gaming

12. A Lot of Fun

Although I was concerned, I’m pleased I spent the money on a racing wheel and chair setup.Even when driving a RWD vehicle as opposed to an AWD vehicle, you must be cautious to avoid losing the back end, unlike when using a controller.I now look forward to the release of new games.So this is my first racing wheel, I guess.I had long desired one but didn’t want to shell out close to console pricing for the types that were commonly suggested.

13. Excellent Racing Wheel For Beginners

This was pretty much an impulse buy at $130 (discount price), so I placed my order.
It was shipped the following day.Super simple and well-documented setup.Even if you just use the wheel with an Xbox, like I do, make sure it has the most recent firmware loaded by using the Windows software.

14. Better than Logitech

It used the included clamp to secure the wheel to a flat piece of plywood used as a lap desk.It doesn’t bother me and really helps anchor the wheel in place in relation to my body because the clamp and screw fit exactly between my legs in my lap.

15. Definitely an Excellent Entry Point

The driver and software that were downloaded from the website, together with the wheel, all perform as promised.You’ll be alright if you follow the directions in the pamphlet.Excellent documentation is also available online.

16. Exceptionally Realistic Experience

You can power on the system, navigate through menus, and start playing a game without ever touching the thumbstick controller because the wheel also serves as an Xbox controller.

17. Fantastic First Racing Wheel

I discovered that it required some getting used to the wheel when racing (Forza Horizon 4).Before using it in a tournament, you should obviously practise driving in the open world.
The reaction has divided me a little.On the one hand, it’s neither unpleasant or jarring and is generally smooth.However, it’s frequently mushy (perhaps because of the belt drive) and might be difficult to take seriously.With this wheel, you won’t ever forget that you’re using a video game and not a real car to drive.it wouldn’t advise fighting the wheel because doing so will probably result in the belt wearing out and breaking too soon given that it is belt-driven and the pricing point.The USB cord (70 in) is reasonably short for a USB connection but too short for my living room and basement home theater.Thankfully, USB M-F extension cords are available.

18. Reasonable Cost

As with my automobile, I too found it challenging to move from the throttle to the brakes.
I’ll concede that a big part of this is caused by the physical need that makes automobile pedals top mounted and wheel pedals bottom placed.Although I’m thinking about doing it, I’m also concerned that it would affect how I drive an automatic gearbox in the real world, which would be an issue.There are undoubtedly more racing wheels available now.Most cost at least two to three times as much as the item’s retail price.most likely, particularly if they are gear-driven.Most likely not.

19. Bottom line

For casual gamers or those wishing to upgrade from a thumbstick controller without breaking the bank, this is a terrific first racing wheel.Consider higher end geared models if you want simulation-level realism and the ability to fight the wheel securely.Everyone else, however, will be content with this.The TMX Force is not overhyped or overpriced for what it is.This steering wheel is amazing.It is for PC and Xbox.It’s incredibly enjoyable, although I’ve just played it on a PC.Amazing force feedback is provided.I only need to improve my racing technique with it.For those of you who are just starting to utilise a wheel when racing, this is a terrific wheel. Ultimately chose the more costly T300 by the same firm, Thrustmaster, partly because I expect to do more serious simulation racing and I got one at a wonderful price. The force feedback is OK but not spectacular.Keep in mind that Best Buy will match prices on most goods. I might eventually choose Fanatec items in the future; it would be fantastic if Best Buy started carrying them.In any case, fantastic stuff; highly recommended.Just make sure you have a table or a place to put it, and it will assist to keep the pedals from moving if they can be placed against a wall.

20. Outstanding Starter Racing Wheel

Ideal first wheel to buy while experimenting with racing games,has a sturdy construction, and the buttons click well.When compared to other racing wheels at this price point, the force feedback is excellent.

21. Really Cool

It applies a clampdown strategy.You just need to anchor it to a reliable table.If you don’t, the force feedback will cause the table to lift up and then bounce about.To prevent the foot pedals from slipping on the floor, place something substantial in front of them.

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