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Try These Sims 4 Eyelashes CC For Free

Eyelashes sims 4 CC designers all over the globe have you covered, whether you want detailed lashes or the long, luscious, and unrealistically bushy type sims 4 eyelashes cc.

For those of you running Alpha-looking constructs that go double. Since searching through the numerous TS4 CC pages and hundreds of Tumblr blogs can be tiresome. We did all the work for you!

Sims 4 Eyelashes

Here are our handy little rankings to fulfil all your beautifying needs kijiko eyelashes sims 4, including some of our favourite eyelash-enhancing CC sets.

Bobur Eyelashes-20

Bobur Eyelashes-20 sims 4 eyelashes cc

Diversity is the savour of life, and to spice up your entire CAS repertoire, Bobur has ample eyelash packs. That said, in our brief ranking, we only have room for a couple of their wonderful, natural-looking creations.

We would like to highlight these delicate lashes together with the previous ones, with a strikingly natural look to them that will complement the style of most Alpha Sims. These are also HQ-compatible, like the previous ones, and are available in a the wide palette of eight colours ranging from natural hues to more daring tones.

BURN Eyelashes V1

BURN Eyelashes V1 4 eyelashes cc

Razei-BURN kun’s sims 4 cc eyelashes are another fascinating alternative with the same faux-lashes technique. For those of you who like the original visual style of Maxis and have no business in using your Sims into hyper genuine virtual humans with Alpha sims 4 eyelashes cc, these dark, defined “lashes” are great. They are available in two natural shades, from Teen to Elder, and will operate on male and female Sims.

WM Eyelashes 201802

4 eyelashes1 cc

For these of you regarding give a Sim a very natural & subtle pair of lashes, another choice. These, all by S-Club, are sure to improve their attractiveness without attracting too much attention sims 4 cc eyelashes. To fit various face styles, they get in two separate samples with slightly different lengths and thicknesses.

While not as attention-grabbing as other alternatives sims 4 eyelashes cc, they will give your Sim an additional “je ne sais quoi” that will enhance their looks. For these of you that have previously downloaded some eyeshadow or eyeliner packets, these are also ideal and now want to make them shine.

No EA Eyelashes

There is something we want to take care of before we go into the thick of the matter. Most eyelash mods allow the game to treat the new sims 4 cc eyelashes as details of either eyewear or skin.

This is because the Sims 4 in CAS does not really allow you to customise your sims 4 eyelashes cc, and instead makes them part of the default Sim model. The default Maxis kijiko eyelashes sims 4 are simply removed by this little mod, leaving your Sim’s eyes free to bear luscious 3D CC lashes.

WM Eyelashes 201811

WM Eyelashes 201811 4 eyelashes cc

Consider these sims 4 cc eyelashes, also made by S-Club, if you loved the past approach but are more involved in something a little bit more flashy. This luscious lash CC pack is considerably larger than the previous ones, and they come with a set of eyeliner made to preferably compliment them.

These are straight rather than curled, unlike many other high-quality sims 4 eyelashes cc sets. Giving a distinctive look to them (maybe what you’re after, maybe not). To make their gaze appealing and absorbing, see this for a Sim who wants a little more oomph.

Skin Detail Lash Pack N01

Skin Detail Lash Pack N0 sims 4 eyelashes1

So we have a fairly regular but high-quality pack of 40 different eyelash types by notorious CC maker PralineSims for some true eyelash CC. These sims 4 cc eyelashes look good, natural, and come in three distinct lengths.

For each length, the pack also contains eight eyeliner/eyeshadow versions, available in five different colours to pair with any outfit. While most of the sims 4 eyelashes cc in this set are obviously intended for feminine-looking Sims, as men appear to have fairly long lashes, those without any make-up are perfect for male Sims kijiko eyelashes sims 4.

Eyelash Pack N07

Eyelash Pack N07 4 eyelashes cc

This trendy Eyelash Pack N07 also comes from the extensive PralineSims catalogue, which is certain to help give your Sims a playful look to fit  sims 4 cc eyelashes their personality. These angular lashes are bushy, making them perfect and yet sparkling on their own for handling extreme make-up.

They also have a bit of a cat-eye shape, albeit a bit rounded, and would probably perfectly match a pair of bushy eyebrows. Or if you’re going to create a cat with a cute cat outfit sims 4 eyelashes cc, it could also work nicely there! These lashes are offered in ten different colours by PralineSims, so you should have no trouble choosing the right ones.

Full Exposure Eyelashes

Full Exposure Eyelashes 4 eyelashes cc

These sims 4 cc eyelashes that are extremely attention-grabbing can look ridiculously bushy. But it’s really quite the opposite once you have it on your forehead. These thick dark lashes, created by Queen Bee’s maker is nothing but a trick. On the wall, a shadow. They’re eyeliner-shaped to look like extreme glam
sims 4 eyelashes cc, without being 3D, to be more precise.

Maybe they’re not exactly kijiko eyelashes sims 4, but they look so compelling that I can’t help but include them. Get them for Sim, who wants to look like a doll from Bratz.

Ethereal Lashes N27

Ethereal Lashes N27 4 eyelashes cc

As is the case, some of PralineSims’ creations, such as these Ethereal Lashes, are worth mentioning whenever we talk about the best CC to enhance your game. These lashes were created for the refined and wistful Sim, who often appears to hold their head in the shadows, as their illustrative picture may indicate.

They will also create incredible sims 4 cc eyelashes for a lovely vampire who, with their breathtaking beauty and feigned innocence, attracts prey in. There are ten different versions of these sims 4 eyelashes cc, each available in the dark and a lighter hue. You’re also going to be able to use them on Sims of all ages and sexes.

Bobur Eyelashes-12

Bobur Eyelashes-12 4 eyelashes cc

Consider these HQ-compatible lashes by maker Bobur3 if you run The Sims 4 with the HQ mod sims 4 cc eyelashes to get pictures and the same. They are short, which makes them look normal, but they remain dark and bushy-enough, despite their moderate length, that they will be visible kijiko eyelashes sims 4. These are ideal for the coquettish Teen or young adult lady out for a night of dancing with a sharp cat-eye style.


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