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Veritas – Simplify Data Protection with S3-Compatible Storage

If your company is like many others, you’re dealing with an increasingly complicated Veritas backup and restore process for your environment, whether it’s virtual, physical, cloud, or a mix of the three.

Veritas Backup Exec is designed to alleviate this complexity by providing a simple backup and recovery solution that meets all of your data protection needs, complete with a host of powerful features that can help you save time and money, improve reliability, and improve recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).If you’re already using Backup Exec, upgrading to the most recent version unlocks even more features.

Complex infrastructures and changing IT needs necessitate adaptable and dynamic solutions that are constructed not only to last, but also to change.Isn’t it time for a backup and recovery solution that works with your budget and adapts to your environment?Then have a look at Backup Exec 15 – backup and recovery designed for change, with the flexibility to secure your entire environment while simultaneously enabling agile recovery.

Backing up and restoring your data is now easier than ever, whenever and whenever you need it.You can fulfil important backup windows, exceed recovery expectations, optimise your existing storage, and minimise obsolete and siloed backup and recovery complexity using Backup Exec.Backup Exec automatically indexes and classifies backup data, saving you time and disc space spent mounting backup jobs, understanding what’s within, and looking for specific data.

You can rely on our data security

With VeritasTM NetBackupTM, you can achieve superior data protection using your existing backup console and rules.It effortlessly scales to the cloud using your preferred cloud connector.In the event of an outage, achieve seamless deduplication and get back up and running quickly.

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  • Backup of all data at one place

Maintain control over your constantly rising data volume while meeting stringent service criteria.NetBackup makes it simple to scale and expand into the cloud as your business grows, taking advantage of as-a-service offers to simplify your IT operations.This one, unified solution can help you defend your cloud, physical, and virtual environments. You may optimise your existing infrastructure and increase productivity with a convergent backup strategy.

Veritas Easily To Use

Backup Exec includes a centralised, user-friendly interface, intelligent dashboards, and intuitive wizards that give you the visibility you need to track and monitor every backup, replication, and recovery job.It also saves time and makes backup protection easier to implement—you can set backup jobs, check their progress, and perform recoveries with just a few clicks.

Veritas Ransomware Defense

The number of ransomware assaults is increasing, and the technique behind them is becoming more sophisticated by the day.With such a serious threat and huge stakes for small and medium-sized organisations, data protection is the last line of defence.
Backup Exec offers a proactive approach: it not only delivers the critical function of ransomware recovery, but it also includes technologies to guard against more clever ransomware that targets backup systems and their data.

Fluency In Veritas Virtualization

Backup Exec works with Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware vStorageTM APIs for Data Protection (VADP) to deliver application-aware backups for all of your virtual machines.Backup Exec’s agentless technology reduces the effect on each virtual host, and innovative post-processing algorithms enable it to provide quick, agile recovery.
The addition of VMware and Hyper-V Change Block Tracking (CBT) integration eliminates the need for repeated complete backups, resulting in significantly shorter backup windows.

Cloud-Ready Veritas

When it comes to exploring the public cloud as part of your data protection plan, you have a lot of options.By securely migrating deduplicated long-term retention (LTR) data to public cloud storage tiers like AWS Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive, you may take advantage of economies of scale.

Use Azure Site Recovery’s Instant Cloud Recovery to rapidly duplicate data to the Azure cloud, reducing downtime (RTO) and data loss (RPO) in the event of a disaster.
Backup Exec’s cloud templates, which are accessible on the Azure and AWS Marketplaces, make it simple to deploy the solution for cloud workload protection.Backup Exec has also been named a Microsoft Azure Preferred Solution.

One-Stop Efficiency

Backup Exec safeguards data on a single physical server as well as thousands of virtual computers.Whether you’re using Backup Exec on-premises or in several clouds, your deployment approach has no bearing on how Backup Exec secures your data.A uniform data protection platform enables your company to maximise the benefits of essential efficiency-enhancing technologies like intelligent deduplication.Backup Exec lowers your organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by lowering storage costs (cloud or on-premise) and lowering the administrative overhead of managing numerous solutions.

Data Security and Predictable Performance

Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec provide secure backup and recovery for applications, platforms, and virtualized environments.To improve operational efficiencies and simplify administration, a single console unifies the management and reporting of both on-premises and cloud data.

Without any additional software, both Veritas NetBackup and BackupExec enable seamless connectivity with Cloudian HyperStore right out of the box.Backup to Cloudian is simple thanks to built-in storage interfaces.Cloudian provides the performance and predictability you need to ensure backup jobs are completed on time, with data ingress throughput up to 18TB per hour (16 nodes) or more.Cloudian offers numerous compression algorithms that compress things on the storage side to save storage space.There are additional options for data deduplication.

Various Offsite Storage Alternatives

Cloudian provides a variety of archive and disaster recovery storage choices.Cloudian allows distributed nodes to replicate data.You can automatically preserve entire data sets at faraway locations by putting nodes in geographically distinct regions or data centres.Cloudian also provides policy-based cloud tiering, which allows you to transfer older data to any S3-compatible or Azure public cloud storage for long-term archiving.Data protection is granularly adjustable, allowing you to optimise storage arrangements for specific applications or data types.

Secondary backup/disaster recovery target

Cloudian can operate as a remotely placed target if your requirements solely include offsite storage for disaster recovery.Cloudian appears as cloud storage in the Veritas software.For data that must stay under your control for regulatory or data governance reasons, this is a cost-effective disk-based option.Cloudian offers significant cost reductions as a secondary backup targer for disaster recovery due to lower hardware costs and the absence of replication licencing.

The Cloudian HyperStore Solution and Its Advantages

Cloudian HyperStore is a multi-tenant storage solution with multiple data centres.
HyperStore is available as either software that can be installed on top of your existing storage infrastructure or as a fully integrated rack-ready appliance.Both deployment options include limitless storage across multiple data centres, data tiering to any S3 or Azure cloud, and compatibility for all S3 ecosystem apps.HyperStore is built to be simple and long-lasting, making day-to-day operations a breeze.



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