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What are the immediate ways to get rid of gas and bloating?

Flatulence can be a huge source of embarrassment. No matter what, it always seems to come at the most inconvenient time possible. What is important to know is that it is not a bad thing. Every single person passes gas; in fact, we pass gas on average 12 to 25 times a day. Flatulence is actually a sign of a healthy digestive system. When we digest food, the body produces intestinal gases that need to be released. The gases are either released as a burp or a fart.

How can you prevent gas and bloating?

Before we try to prevent gas and bloating, let’s make sure we understand what causes it. Gas, as mentioned before, is created as a part of the digestion process. Another cause of gas is the air swallowed during eating and drinking. Smoking will also cause gas as you are inhaling air.

The other reason for gas in the body is the foods we are eating. Foods that cause gas are ones that contain carbohydrates that can’t be broken down in the small intestine; however, they can in the large intestine. When these foods are broken down in the large intestine, this will produce gas.

These foods include sugars, like raffinose and sorbitol, often found in artificial sweeteners and certain fruits. Foods containing soluble and insoluble fiber will also produce gas; these foods include legumes, wheat, root vegetables, and some fruits.

You will also find that foods heavy in starch can cause gas, like corn, potatoes, and wheat. Food intolerances also cause gas, lactose intolerance to be the most common. Bloating is also caused by these issues, as well as eating too fast or overeating.

Bloating and gas can be prevented by eating a more balanced diet. Avoiding heavy sugar foods will help reduce the amount of gas you are suffering from. You can also reduce gas and bloating by cutting back on the amount of alcohol, and carbonated drinks you are drinking will help reduce gas and bloating. If you smoke, giving up will also help prevent gassiness and bloating. Exercise will also make a substantial difference as it will improve the digestive system functionality.

What makes flatulence smelly?

We have confirmed that everyone will pass gas, but what is it that makes gas smelly? The most common cause of smelly gas is the foods we are eating. Sulfur rich foods will cause you to have stinking flatulence. Foods that are rich in sulfur include beef, ham, duck, and organ meats. Certain kinds of seafood are also rich in sulfur, like legumes like soy and black beans.

Overeating will also cause you to have foul-smelling farts as the food will become backed up in the digestive system. Another common cause of stinky flatulence is food intolerances like lactose or gluten intolerance. Certain medications can also cause foul odor; this is because although they will eliminate harmful pathogens, they also kill some of the good bacteria that aids in digestion. Constipation will also cause smelly farts; this is because of a back up in the digestive system.

How can you stop smelly gas?

Although we all fart, only one percent of flatulence is actually smelly. The cause of all your embarrassment is not as common as you think. If you want to prevent your flatulence from being smelly, then there are a few options for you. Exercising will make a difference as it improves the functionality of your digestive system and prevents back up.

You can also reduce the number of heavy sulfur foods you are eating; these foods include broccoli, cauliflower, red meats, and legumes. You can also prevent pungent odor by reducing the amount of alcohol you are drinking. You can also give up smoking if you are trying to find another way to stop foul-smelling flatulence.

Increase the amount of water you are drinking; this will help clean the system and improve digestion. You can also include foods like yogurt in your diet to add some probiotics to your body and digestive system.

There is another highly recommended solution for smelly flatulence. You can take flatulence deodorizer pills to stop the smelly gas. These flatulence deodorizer pills will not only mask the bad odor but also improve your digestion.

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