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What is MCT Oil: How to use MCT Oil powder, Benefits in keto Diet.

What is MCT Oil?

Basically, MCT oil is the medium-chain of fatty acids. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides with 6-12 carbon tail at one terminal. The best source of fat during the ketogenic diet.

Almost MCTs depend upon two or three fatty acids. Easily digestible oil with countless health benefits. Very effective oil for body health as an energy source. Intake of MCT oil in the diet also helps to lose belly fat.

The main source of MCT oil is vegetable oil, palm nut, and coconut oil. The milk fats of goat, cow, and sheep contain only 20% of medium-chain triglycerides.

MCT Oil Dosage in Keto Diet

The average recommended dose of MCT oil is half to one tsp in a day.

This normal dosage cannot make any Sid effect on your stomach. You can increase the dosage of MCT oil day by day in meals for the keto diet food.

What is MCT Oil Powder


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The MCT oil powder is simply the powder form of this great MCT oil.

By adding a starchy carrier into MCT oil, we can get the powder form of MCT oil. This starchy form then allowed to dry to get solid form. In this way, we can obtain the MCT oil in powdered form for further use of i.e in ketogenic diet.

Spray dry process is used to obtain the MCT oil powder. Proteins are most probably used as carriers. These proteins have a low level of starch. This starchy carrier is not good in the keto diet (high fat, medium protein, and low carbs diet).

MCT Oil Powder Negative Effect on Keto Diet

The ratio of starch with MCT varies with the qualitative level of products. Most commonly MCT oil powders contain:

  • 20-50% starch powder
  • 50-80% MCTs from MCT oil

In this way, such people who are taking MCT oil powder in their ketogenic diet and other low carbs diet, will unable to maintain ketosis. The starchy powder can eventually increase the insulin level in blood.

There are some common starchy carriers which are used along with MCT oil:

  • Some fillers originate from grains
  • The lecithin obtained from soy
  • The corn fiber in soluble form
  • The wheat or corn-based Maltodextrin
  • Starchy glucose solids
  • The Acacia fiber

MCT Oil Powder Benefits in Keto Diet

When people are on a keto diet, not all can tolerate MCT oil. They can face many stomach issues and bloat. Because the stomach is not adaptive with MCT oil.

But the best thing about MCT oil powder is that very gentle to the stomach and for digestion. On a keto diet plan, using MCT oil powder in the keto diet food list cannot make any stomach problems as compared to MCT oil.

Some other health benefits of MCT oil powder are:

  • Many different flavors of MCT oil powder are available in the market. So, its an easy way to make desserts.
  • The MCT oil powder boosts up the body and acts as a fuel of the body.
  • Very handy and can easily take MCT oil powder jar into the bag to go anywhere.
  • The blending ability of MCT oil powder is obviously much higher than MCT oil. So, very good for bulletproof coffees and teas.

Use of MCT Oil Powder in Keto Diet

There are many ways to use MCT oil powder in your keto diet meals:


  • For your bullet proof coffees and teas, you can use MCT oil powder in it. By easily blend it this magical powder and make a fluffy smooth coffee or tea.
  • For making your desire flavor smoothies, you can simply blend the MCT powder which you like into almond/coconut milk and enjoy your keto diet.
  • You can also use MCT oil powder by simply mixed with hot water to get the best pre-workout snack.
  • You can also sprinkle MCT powder on your salads and desserts.

The Best MCT Oil Powder Brand

There are many brands in the market but the most popular and best MCT oil powder brand is “Perfect Keto”


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Keto Diet and MCT oil

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Recent studies showed that MCT oil during a ketogenic diet can enhance the process of extra calories burning. In this way, it is confirmed that the use of MCT oil during keto diet can help and facilitate weight loss.

MCT oil is the healthiest oil on the planet. It has a lot of beneficial values for all humans. This oil is very healthy to take in the ketogenic diet and also in daily routine.

Health Benefits of MCT Oil in Keto Diet 

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MCT oil is a magical fat for human health. One can use MCT oil in daily routine. Additionally, MCT Oil has countless health benefits during low carbs diets also like Keto diet.

In a keto diet, it can help to lose fat cells rapidly. Help the body to get into and stay in a ketosis state in a ketosis diet. MCT oil during keto diet can speed up the rate of weight loss by 2x

Add MCT Oil in Keto Meals to Get into Ketosis Quickly


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Healthy fats are the major portion of the daily meals in the keto diet. You can say that the keto diet is mainly focused on healthy fats. So, you get the solution, MCT oil is the best and the healthier option to get fats requirement in the keto diet. this oil also helps your body to come out from the keto flu which appears in the initiation stage of the ketogenic diet.

Many foods contain MCTs naturally. The major source of MCTs is coconut oil and palm oil which contain almost 60% MCT oil.

MCTs i.e the medium-chain triglycerides from the MCT oil are very helpful for the body to get into a ketosis state. These MCTs are medium-chain fatty acids and easily digestible as compared to LCTs i.e long-chain fatty acids.

They can easily convert into ketone bodies by the liver and make ketosis rate faster in your body. This process, in the end, leads to losing body fats cells and eventually weight loss.

Ultimate Faster Weight Loss with MCT Oil in Keto Diet


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MCT oil is the very best source of fats during the ketogenic diet or another diet. As it contains healthy fatty acids (leptin and peptide YY) that enhance the body fullness feeling.

Taking MCT oil is a better option than taking coconut oil. Because MCT oil has the ability to suppress food cravings during the keto diet.

In the ketogenic diet, intake of MCT oil in daily routine can help your body in the Ketosis process. This magical oil has the ability to convert into ketones.

If body low in carbohydrates and high in fats then fat molecules can be broken down into ketones. So, medium-chain triglycerides are very facilitating for losing extra body fats.

Advance research showed that MCT oil is also helpful for burning fat around the belly and waist.

As compared to LCT oil like olive oil, MCT oil has 10 times fewer calories. The best oil that can use during a ketogenic diet.

The instant source of energy for the body. So, MCT oil is used by athletes for muscle strength and energy.

May Reduce Risk Factors for Heart Disease which become worldwide the most increasing disease due to overweight and cholesterol. Some factors that increase your risk include high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, being overweight and smoking.

Only MCT Oil in Breakfast in Keto Diet  


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In keto diet, many food items are restricted and not allowed. In this way, the chances of cheat meals and cravings are very high.

Sometimes, if you eat junk food or such food which is not keto-friendly then, as a result, your body becomes out of ketosis state. If you want to get into ketosis back very quickly.

Intermittent fasting with MCT oil is the only way to get your body into a fat-burning machine. Make a bulletproof coffee 1-2 tbsp of pure MCT oil and take it in the breakfast.

Just like apple cider vinegar detox drink, this combo will get your body back into ketosis process more rapidly. This drink also gives your body energy and fullness feelings.

MCT Oil as Meal and Snack in Keto Diet


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The benefit of the keto diet is taking more healthy fats which suppressed hunger and cravings. You can take MCT oil as a meal replacement in a keto diet.

Many nutritionists design keto diet by adding MCT oil as a source of meal calories. For the fat requirement and calories. If you skip one meal through out the day and in replace of meal you add MCT oil-based snacks, fat bombs or drinks, your body ll able to make ketones faster and at the end, the metabolic state and ketosis state ll speed up.

Eventually, your body loses fats and uses fat cells as fuel to replace of carbs more quickly and you lose weight faster.

Instant Source of Energy


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MCT oil has been dubbed a brilliant fuel to the body during the keto diet. Your body can absorb MCTs faster than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) that contain a lot of carbons in their carboxylic acid chains.

Due to their shorter chain length, MCTs travel straight from the gut to the liver and don’t need digestive fluid to interrupt down like longer-chain fats do in the liver, the fats are lessened to be either used as fuel or keep as body fat.

Since MCTs simply enter your cells while not being lessened, they’ll be used as a direct supply of energy. When you’re on a ketogenic diet, MCTs also can be reborn into ketones within the liver.

These ketones will tolerate your barrier, creating them a convenient supply of energy for your brain cells.

The Final Lines

The healthy fat with a lot of benefits is MCT oil.

The fast way to lose weight with the keto diet, just adds MCT oil into your keto diet plan. MCT can speed up the ketosis process and increase the metabolic state of the body during the ketogenic diet.

MCT oil and MCT oil powder both have significantly beneficial in the Keto diet. MCTs from MCT oil and MCT oil powder helps the body to boost energy during the keto diet.




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