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What is the healthiest water to drink?

Many people are in search of the healthiest water to drink. The problem is there is a ton of conflicting information about which water is best. This article will review the most popular ways to treat water and explain why alkaline ionized water is the healthiest water to drink.

American’s Water Supply is Contaminated

First, the amount of contamination in American tap water is getting worse. The problem is crumbling infrastructure. That means that all the pipes underneath our cities are deteriorating. They are leaching heavy metals into our water. The pipes are also cracking, and this creates bacteria and viruses getting in our water. 

Instead of fixing all the pipes, municipal water treatment companies are instead electing to use chemicals to treat the problems. If you ever seen Erin Brockovich’s movie, it is about a small town that sees a sudden spike in cancer. Erin Brockovich is a lawyer that proves that the cancer is linked to a chemical called chromium-6. Chromium-6 is a disinfectant that the water company used to keep bacterial and viral levels down from cracked pipes. Chromium-6 is still widespread in US tap water.

Another harsh chemical that is used to clean pipes is called chloramine, which is literally chlorine combined with ammonia. As you can imagine, this is very unsafe for people to drink. In Marin County, California, there was a spike in cancer cases among women after adding chloramine to the drinking water. Chloramine is still widely used today to treat tap water.

Other Nasty Contaminants We Shouldn’t Drink.

Besides chromium-6 and chloramine, heavy metals are also toxic for us to drink. In New York, there are high levels of toxic metals being leeched into our drinking water from crumbling pipes. There are also high levels of chlorine, nitrates, and nitrites from farming, natural arsenic, and even leftover pharmaceutical drugs all pouring out of our taps!

The bottom line is that you have to treat your water to make it the healthiest water to drink. 

What is the Healthiest Water to Drink?

To determine what the healthiest water to drink is, we must first examine how water is treated. The most common filtration systems are the least expensive. They will attach to your faucet or go underneath your sink and usually are comprised of carbon filters. Carbon filters are good at removing sediment, bacteria, and chlorine. However, carbon-based filtration do not remove very difficult and dangerous contaminants like heavy metals, farming, and chromium 6. These carbon-based filtration systems are not worth the money that you spend on them.

Reverse osmosis is another popular method for treating tap water. Reverse osmosis works by using an immense amount of pressure to push water through very tiny holes in filters. The result is that water is purified, and all the contaminants are left out. The problem is the water is now acidic. All of the natural alkaline minerals, oxygen, and even antioxidants have been removed by the reverse osmosis process. Drinking acidic water over time can cause damage to your body. It can leach minerals from your bones and even steal nutrients from the food that you eat. Because of these reasons, you should avoid reverse osmosis. 

Another system that totally purifies water is called a distiller. A distiller evaporates water and then condenses it. This condensed water is empty and acidic, just like reverse osmosis water. For the same reasons, you should not drink it.

The Healthiest Water to Drink Comes from a Water Ionizer

The healthiest water to drink comes from an alkaline water machine called a water ionizer. Water ionizers hook up to your tap and sit underneath your sink or on your counter. What makes water ionizers different is that they used advanced multi-stage filtration systems. These multi-stage filtration systems used carbon, ceramic, anti-fungal fell, and even ion exchange resin or beads to remove heavy metals, fluoride, leftover pharmaceutical drugs, and other difficult contaminants. 

By using a multi-stage filtration system with specific stages created to target different contaminants, your tap water gets purified without removing the alkaline minerals. This allows your tap water to retain its natural pH, which is usually about neutral.

Then the magic happens. The filtered water is sent to an electrolysis chamber. This electrolysis chamber, comprised of platinum titanium plates, runs an electrical current through your water that ionizes it. This process plays out in nature all the time. It happens when the sun energizes the water. Water can also be energized by kinetic energy from movement or by far-infrared radiation from certain minerals. The result is the water gets filled up with ions. These ions work with the hydrogen in water to create a powerful antioxidant!

The antioxidant in alkaline ionized water made by water ionizers will detoxify your body. The water electrolysis also makes the water naturally alkaline. This is a very much alternative to drinking acidic water. Alkaline ionized water that is full of antioxidants is by far and away the healthiest water to drink.

Also, a water ionizer produces inexpensive water. While the initial cost of a water ionizer is high, they last a long time if you buy a good quality one. And filters only need to be changed about once a year. The result is the water only ends up costing about $0.02 a liter.

So, by purchasing a water ionizer, you are getting inexpensive water that is alkaline, ionized, and full of antioxidants to make you healthy. This makes a water ionizer the best purchase for treating difficult tap water, and also, they also solve the question of what is the healthiest water to drink.


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