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Why Does Your Body Need Multi-Vitamins?

In these hard and fast lives of ours, we often miss out on extracting certain nutritional values in our daily diet, and that too, when we need it the most for our bodies and to properly maintain our daily physical activities. It has already been researched that 70 % of those aging nearly 65, tend to take multivitamin supplements either in the form of pills or health drinks and this is recommended to them mostly by doctors. Moreover, some are of the opinion that it is useless to overspend on supplements and should take nutrients fused fruits, vegetables and meats but certainly they are not aware that slowly with medical advancement, we have started losing grip of the purity of substances we are intaking as mostly the food items are injected with harmful antibiotics to have a quick growth, and there we are certainly neither sure about its cleanliness nor its purity of nutrients and so, our body needs supplements to meet these needs. It would be wise to pick the right product for you after having a genuine conversation with a nutritionist or a doctor to achieve the best result. Many are of the opinion that multi-vitamins can help in treating chronic diseases like cardiac damages, cancer, or others, but it is still not been confirmed by the researchers. A cluster of nutritionists only of the opinion that it is important to maintain a healthy diet where there should be substances to minimize the amount of saturated fat, sodium, trans fat, and sugar and in a world where the presence of impurities is high, and antibiotics are overpowering to enhance speedy growth.

Though many doubts and criticisms are there, regarding the effectiveness of multi-vitamins but still, it has been researched and confirmed that supplements of folic acid are needed for women to enhance child-bearing potentiality in them and thus, to ensure this, doctors recommended that during early pregnancy, women should intake multi-vitamins as the amount of iron present in there can be quite beneficial for them. It is also recommended that before or after pregnancy, women should opt for supplements of Folic Acids as it has been researched that Folic Acids can help in curing neural tube defects effectively.

Healthy Foods Taken Instead of Supplements

It is not always necessary to depend on supplements scattered in the markets and especially for those who can not afford their exorbitant prices. Thus, to balance out that need, these healthy foods can be consumed instead:

  • Low-Fat Dairy Products

These products are inclusive of milk, cheese, yogurt as they contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients.

  • Whole Grain Products

These products can be acclaimed as Wheat, Flour, Jowar, Bajra, and others. The cereal we take for breakfast has the same nutritional value.

  • Protein Containing Products

These products can be counted as meats, fishes, crabs, and others.

  • Green and Leafy Vegetables

The green and leafy vegetables which contain valuable nutrients are spinach, broccoli, herbs, and others.

  • Fresh Fruits

An array of fresh fruits like apple, orange, grapes, guava contain important nutrients, needed for your body but here, you need to be sure that the fruits you are consuming are fresh and ripe.

Additionally, one should be aware of the purity and freshness of the products while consuming in order to extract most of the nutritional benefits from them.

Benefits of Multivitamin  Supplements

We accept it or not but most of us need to build a strong and immune body to fight all diseases and impurities lurking around us. It has been reported that:

30% of US Adults are said to be taking multivitamins regularly

  1. Multivitamins tend to increase energy levels and thus the supplement of it is very much needed even to meet simpler tasks sometimes.
  2. Multi-vitamins have the properties to reduce stress and anxiety and thus, it has been researched that the deficiency of adequate vitamins and minerals can lead to such symptoms but the right dosage of multivitamins every day can ensure you with an impoverished nervous system and a sufficient amount of stress hormones to replenish your body.
  3. Multi-vitamins have the properties to cure short-term memory loss as lately, it has been researched that Vitamin B12 is quite effective for it.
  4. Multi-vitamins can effectively mitigate problems relating to muscle aging as it has been confirmed by experts that these vitamins can help in building or mending the damaging free radicals.
  5. Multi-vitamins can undoubtedly help in lifting your mood by keeping you healthy and fit as they have properties to give a positive effect on a person’s mood and emotional functionalities.

Thus, it can be said that multi-vitamin supplements have the innate capacity to bridge the gap between nutrient deficiency and your body in the most effective way as the supplements are quite helpful in filling the missing nutrients in your daily diet.


Thus, it can be concluded that how much we disagree still, each and every one of us is in immediate need of multi-vitamin supplements to replenish our inner damaged body and to make it immune to fight against the deadly virus and bacteria lurking around us in this present time.


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