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5-Steps to Start Your Online Nutrition Consulting Business

“We are what we eat.” This quote by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is still relevant and would always be. Nutrition is all about the food that we eat and how it affects our health. Therefore, knowledge of good nutrition is important to keep fatal diseases at bay. And as a certified nutrition professional you can help your audience reach their health goals.

Starting your online nutrition consulting business might sound a bit intimidating but it’s way easier with the advent of telemedicine. You can take your nutrition consulting business in five easy steps. So let’s begin!

Determine your differentiator

If you’re already providing nutrition consulting in-person then you might already have a value proposition. Why are your patients choosing you and not your competitors? Still before you take your business online, it would be beneficial to give it a fresh thought. This would help you to reposition yourself and increase your reach.

Find your niche

From the very start, it’s important to position yourself in such a way that you appeal to a certain demographic segment and not to all the people out there. Because if your marketing messaging is targeted at everyone then it would appeal to none.

So, spell it out whether you are a generalist, management, sports or clinical nutritionist, or any specific one for that matter. This would help you attract a particular segment of the audience out there. Now, you should also state why you are worth choosing over your competitors.

Create your online presence

To take your business online with a telemedicine solution you need not have a website. However, to make yourself visible in the digital world, it would be preferable to have one. Moreover, having a website is not just about creating an online presence. Your website is your 24/7 sales person. You can attract new customers through your website.

Also, it’s a no brainer to say that you must have a social media presence as well. It’s an effective way to build relationships with your audience and attract them to your website. Just remember not to be pushy with your promotion. Rather give out information that would be beneficial to your audience. Once a rapport is established between you and your prospective customers, they would automatically come to your website.

Educate your audience

Your website can be instrumental in spreading awareness not only about your business but also educating your audience about the importance of right nutrition. By sharing knowledge you can establish the credibility of your business.

Moreover, with blogging you can create a personality for your business and share your opinion on various topics. You can leverage your knowledge to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.


Start teleconsulting

With the advancement of technology, getting started with teleconsulting is very easy. There are so many video conferencing software available including Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, etc.

However, none of these are built keeping in mind the needs of a nutrition professional. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a platform that is designed around your needs. One that provides an easy-to-use appointment booking calendar, waiting room for your patients, integrated payment gateway and more.

ZEBOC is one of the telemedicine solutions that provide all the above features for free. It even gives away the premium features of other free-tier solutions for free. Wondering why? Just because it is built to empower small practices and you can leverage this telemedicine solution for your online nutrition consulting business.

Wrapping up

By following these steps you can easily digitalize your business and boost your practice revenue. Integrating a telemedicine solution to your nutrition consulting business is not only easy but also effective in bringing efficiency to your practice.

So, if you have been planning to take your nutrition business online, what are you waiting for? You can give ZEBOC a try even if you don’t have a website. You can get started in just 45 seconds! Yes, it’s that easy. Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving your comments below.

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Jessica is a seasoned healthcare IT specialist, a yoga teacher, and an avid traveller. She is passionate about technology and innovation that can shape healthcare delivery & outcome. She has done extensive research and possesses deep knowledge about both mental and physical health. She is a firm believer of the fact that technology can be leveraged to improve every aspect of health, wellness, and recovery.


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