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Amino Acid: How to Quickly Fix Fatigue Caused by Exercise?

Are you a gym guy? Is your workout schedule hampered due to extreme tiredness and you don’t feel like to even get out of your bed? Have you recently felt like your grip is weakening? Are you feeling exhausted beyond limits? Did you feel a sudden tremble or does it feel like those muscle cramps are killing you? whatever you must’ve faced, but you are on the right page at the right time for a rapid recovery solution.

The above-mentioned condition is not that regular weariness, that comes with last night’s Bash, but it could be a bit more than what you think. The term is Muscle fatigue, a fatigue caused by exercise. Amino acid supplements may have all your answers, let’s find out more

What Is Muscle Fatigue

Fatigue is your body’s own way to adapt to a fitness system and remind you that you have reached your metabolic and psychological extreme limits.

Muscle fatigue is the reduction in the ability of the muscle to exert force with the same intensity as before. Its that condition which makes it harder for you to even move normally. You feel a constant lack of energy, tiredness to perform even your daily tasks.

Causes of Muscle Fatigue

Exercise is a common cause of muscle fatigue, apart from some other health conditions that prompt muscle fatigue, including muscle dystrophy, muscle soreness, aging, health conditions etc.;

Heavy and exhaustive exercise leads to the extreme muscle contractions and energy loss, and also depletion of the nutrients in the form of energy stocks within the body.

Exercise generates metabolites and heat, which affects the stability of your internal domain. Deleterious effects are caused by exercise creating fatigue and exhaustion like sensations.

These sensations influence you to adapt your own workout strategy. Your workout intensity, the endurance you persist and the strategy you devise out are all the factors that cause different effects within the body’s system, which is why your mind creates different sensations accordingly. The complexity behind these sensations and their relevance with the strategies are still under review, but, still the relationship between them cannot be ignored.

The generated metabolites and the heat produced through muscle contraction are released into the stable internal domain, putting immense pressure on its stability. Causing sudden increase in the muscle blood supply, further causing increase in blood circulation and gas exchange.

Nutrients in the form of supplements need to be supplied to these exercising muscles, that are emptying the energy stocks in other parts of your body. Furthermore, the contracting muscle fibers release cytokines, which in turn create much more severe effects on those parts, including your brain. All these factors sooner or later cause Fatigue.

Role of Amino Acids to Fix Muscle Fatigue

Branched chain amino acids are a proven natural fatigue fighter and the only rapid recovery solution on the issue.

As we have seen the constantly contracting muscles get depleted in terms of energy stocks, wherein, you need extra amount of nutrients to add continuously during your workout sessions, in order to thwart this depletion.

As you start with your exercise Tryptophan, an essential amino acid increases within your brain. By blocking or delaying the uptake of tryptophan into your brain you can delay exercise fatigue and increase total training volume. This increase in the training volume is important for achieving your goals, hence amino acids directly compete with the released tryptophan within your brain.

BCAA’s have ability to ward off the mental fatigue accompanied by long workout sessions, the only reason being the relationship between Tryptophan and BCAAs. Generally, tryptophan is generated within your body, when branched chain amino acid levels drop in your body. Which further convert to Serotonin in your brain that leads to the feeling of tiredness and mental fatigue. These chemical imbalances can be prevented by the use of BCAA supplements.

Serotonin is the fatigue hormone that gets released when BCAA’s are reduced and tryptophan levels increase, supplementing with BCAA during exercise will help to maintain the healthy BCAA-Tryptophan ratio. Any amino acid supplement with a carbohydrate electrolyte would be the natural choice for a healthy workout session and the endurance to stay strong.

Your Best Workout Buddies

As its always said amino acids are the building blocks of protein. right from their role in producing new cells to the enzyme creations, and hormone generations to keep your metabolism going. There are many amino acids in your body, but you need just the 20 amino acids that are essential to survive, all others branch out from this initial proteinogenic amino acids group.

From the 20 basic amino acids, 11 can be produced in the body and do not need to be externally consumed. These are the non-essential amino acids. The rest nine are the essential amino acids, which means they must be obtained from outside sources, like food or amino acid supplements. It is this essential amino acid that we need to focus on, and also which are the main component of almost all workout supplements, broadly known as branched chain amino acids.

There are only three BCAAs, namely leucine, isoleucine and valine, that serve a unique role in your workout sessions, hence I call them Your Best Workout Buddies.

Here’s a table displaying the amino acids and their respective functions:


BCAA Function
Leucine signals the body to create new muscle cells, a process called muscle protein synthesis


Isoleucine promotes the movement of glucose to the muscles and helps the cells there turn it into energy


Valine helps protect the muscles against the damage done by exercise.



The effect of Leucine results into an increase in muscle mass and faster post-workout healing. While, Isoleucine, provides greater endurance during prolonged workouts.

Why Amino Acids?

Amino acids benefit you during workouts, helping you reduce the stress, fix fatigue quickly, keep you strong and tolerant to the prolonged hectic workout schedules. You stay active for a longer period of time, reducing the fatigue quickly, helping you get the best out of your every single exercise session.

They are easily and quickly absorbed by your body, as opposed to the actual food material in your intake. They compete in a better way than a typical protein supplement for a rapid recovery, giving a tough fight to the exercise-induced fatigue.

Exercise changes your body’s priorities, immediately after your workout. That is the moment when your muscles are damaged the most, either by the physical stresses by lifting weights, or by the catabolic processes, in which muscle cells are broken down, leading to the initial stage to cause fatigue. Responding, body provides the production of new muscle tissues to repair and reinforce the damaged areas.

BCAA supplement during your workout sessions, help you supply the right amount of nutrients in the right proportion to your body, it needs to heal the damaged muscle fibres and reverse the hazardous exercise effects.

Additionally, BCAA supplements or amino acid supplements have a plus point, that they can be taken even without workout, to stay in the flow.


So, ask yourself, is exercise the only way of exhaustion? Though, it can be called the most important cause of exhaustion, it’s not the only one. Working in a mill, life risking jobs or even a hectic day in your kitchen are also some of the other causes of heavy exertion. The point we would like to make is, amino acid supplements are helpful for that every individual who wishes to live a healthy life, with a healthy nutritious body.


You deserve every right to stay healthy, stay strong, even if it comes with that extra cents you spend. Ideally, that should be called investment. Investing in a right form of supplement, for a rapid recovery, will save many more troubles you could face while burning those extra calories you don’t like at all.


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