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Benefits Of Stair Climber

There are many exercise options you can choose from, but the stair climber has many benefits including strengthening core muscles, boosting your cardio, toning up muscles, burning calories, and relieving knee pain.

Building up core strength and strengthening major muscle groups

It has become popular to exercise from home, especially if you’re someone who works remotely. There are plenty of websites online that offer gym equipment and a stair climber is one of the best machines if you want to build up more core strength and add some definition to those muscles. It will be even more advantageous if you have your very own machine at home as you will most likely use it more often and exercise consistently.

The stair climber doesn’t only strengthen a few muscles, it focuses on the major muscle groups resulting in balanced muscles working out around your whole body. Ideal for those who want to focus on overall muscle improvement, particularly their core, tummy, and legs.

Your posture is important when using the stair climber

Be aware of your posture when you’re using the stair climber, it’s important not to slouch over or lean on the handles as you won’t be burning as many calories, and you could injure yourself. Stay upright to fully engage your core and reap the benefits of this machine. If you’re positioned right, you will also strengthen your low back, essential for those sitting on office chairs all day. No matter how you are standing, your obliques will always be working on the stair climber. If you’re feeling confident with your position on the climber you can gradually increase the resistance of the stairs and make your workout harder.

Your cardio efforts will be maximised

 Climbing stairs rapidly increases your heart rate without a doubt and can be just as good as running on the treadmill for burning calories, of course, this depends on the level and setting you’re using. If your primary goal is to lose weight, the stair climber will help you achieve this mission if you use it consistently. The motion of climbing gets all your key muscles involved, making you sweat and consequently burn calories.

If you have knee pain this will be relieved

 Not everyone realises the stair climber machine can help relieve knee pain, by reducing the stress on your joints. For those who unfortunately suffer from osteoarthritis, this machine can have a positive impact on your joints, just make sure you are taking it easy and not putting the level too high. When compared to treadmills, for example, the stair climber can help you burn just as many calories without risking injury or damage to your joints.

Depending on the type of workout you’re looking for and where you want to focus on losing weight or toning your body, the stair climber is a fantastic choice, and many see great benefits from using it. If you’re consistent, you will be sure to see results within a few weeks of exercising on the step climber, with some actually seeing them within a few days.


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