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How Paul Kraus Overcame the Odds and Beat Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma remains one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the world. Every year 2,500 Americans are diagnosed with the disease, with most of them receiving prognoses of just a few months.

However, it’s possible to beat the disease.

Paul Kraus has lived with the disease for more than 20 years and has overcome the odds through an intensive program of diet, exercise, and a positive mindset.

The Power of Diet

Mesothelioma is so dangerous because it drains the body of all the energy a person needs to actually fight the disease. According to Paul, the worst thing someone can do is to lay in bed all day.

The answer to giving your body the energy it needs is to develop a diet filled with nutrients from healthy sources.

For example, Everyday Health recommends large amounts of carbohydrates in order to strengthen energy levels. Good sources for mesothelioma sufferers include brown rice, pasta, and whole wheat bread.

Paul also eliminated fatty and greasy foods from his diet. Such foods are known to damage the body. He also doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. There are plenty of variations of the mesothelioma diet that can be found online with a quick search, also.

The Power of Exercise

Paul also regularly engages in exercise. It’s not that exercise alone will conquer mesothelioma, but it does offer a variety of health benefits. Physically, an elevated heart rate can help to transport oxygen and nutrients around the body. Psychologically, exercise plays a big role in enabling patients to maintain a positive mindset and to stave off mental illness.

Due to the fragility of mesothelioma patients, it’s recommended that they engage in low-impact exercises, such as swimming or yoga.

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Anxiety and depression can grind people down and make their bodies vulnerable. This is one of the reasons why mesothelioma is so deadly beyond a physical standpoint.

Paul says meditation and yoga are two practices that can help mesothelioma sufferers overcome the challenge of living with such a dangerous form of cancer.

There’s also evidence to show that a positive mindset can do much to support a patient’s treatment.

Is this a Guaranteed Way to Survive?

For science, Paul’s case has been an extremely interesting one as he’s the first person to beat the odds in this way. The organization Survivingmesothelioma.com dedicates itself to further research into alternative methods of treating mesothelioma, as well as supporting sufferers who are currently living with the disease.

There are no guarantees that everyone who follows Paul’s lifestyle will live for more than twenty years. What is clear, though, is that patients can most certainly improve their prognoses by doing so.

Last Word – You Can Beat Mesothelioma

Modern medical treatments remain the foundation for treating mesothelioma. But mesothelioma sufferers can support their treatment by adopting a healthy lifestyle and a positive state of mind.


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