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How to organize the perfect vegan wedding menu for happy guests

Weddings are a couple’s biggest momentous day, and they want to celebrate it with their friends and family.

However, as people’s lifestyle choices have grown more sustainable, there has been an emerging trend of presenting purely plant-based vegan dishes or providing guests with a regular menu option during wedding celebrations.

Several couples opt for vegan food as an option because it may accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions. For example, vegans don’t eat milk, cheese, poultry, mayo, sugar, or other meat products.

Are you concerned that vegan meals will not excite your guests or that they will be displeased? Then you should stop fretting as vegan cuisine consists of far more than just greens and dips; there are countless meal alternatives that would amaze even the most ardent meat-eater.

Furthermore, you can indulge in the delicious sinful spreads whether you are cruising on your honeymoon or flying to a new destination because you have already justified it with the nutritious vegan meals you eat throughout your wedding.

Starters to start 

With time the vegan fare has spread across cuisines, and you will be surprised to witness the end number of choices that you have to experiment with when it comes to healthy vegan snacks.

  • Fruit and Nut– Apples or bananas blended with almond/peanuts/cashews
  • Guacamole and Crackers– Gluten-free whole-grain cracker served with onion, garlic, and avocado dip.
  • Baked chickpeas- Roasted chickpeas with olive oil and seasoning
  • Rice cakes and Avocado
  • Veggies with hummus
  • Home-baked Tortilla chips with salsa 
  • Fruit and nut bars 
  • Homemade pita with vegan dips
  • Falafel
  • Bruschetta
  • Stuffed mushrooms 

 Time for the main course  

Go beyond salads and grilled vegetables if you don’t want your guests to snooze during the reception. They can be a delicious side dish, but they shouldn’t be the main course—similarly, pasta-based foods.

Experiment with new ideas. Vegan cuisine is diverse. If you are confused as to where to start? Consider the following vegan meals for a spectacle meal:

  • Cauliflower “wings”
  • Jackfruit plant-based meat
  • Indian and Thai curries (coconut-milk based)
  • Mushroom ravioli
  • Veggie burgers
  • Air fried or baked Spring rolls
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Spinach & ricotta gnocchi
  • Mushroom buckwheat risotto

Cheers with healthy drinks

Surprise your guests while serving plant-based coolers, fresh juices, hot drinks in a separate bar vegan bar counter.

  • Smoothies made of almond, coconut, soy milk.
  • Fresh juices made of organic fruits and greens 
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, Latte 
  • Chai Latte served with vegan milk
  • Vegan eggnog made of chia seeds
  • Turmeric latte 
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Orange and mint lemonade
  • Ginger beer mojito

For the Sweet lovers 

Breaking the myth that a vegan lifestyle takes away some of your favorite dessert options. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are hundreds of plant-based substitutions you can use to make your favorite treats just as delicious as before.

  • Peanut butter chocolate cookies
  • Vegan fresh fruit ice creams
  • Vegan cakes and pastries
  • Vegan puddings
  • Vegan Muffins


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