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Instagram Tips for Fitness Professionals

Across the United States, gyms and health clubs have closed down as the Covid-19 pandemic is back with a vengeance. People are desperately trying to curb the spread of the deadly virus hence; they are following social distancing strictly. However, with the closedown of gyms and fitness centers, numerous people are having a tough time maintaining their fitness routines. If you follow a daily fitness regimen, it could go a long way in reducing stress and boost your overall health. Fitness workouts are best in gyms and health clubs where there is someone to guide you. According to Forbes, trying to work out at home may not always be the same experience. It is always better to have a friend while at the yoga studio or gym or even while running. A friend or a personal trainer or fitness instructor is great for guiding you every step of the way. A fitness instructor helps in motivating you to stay on the right track with your fitness regimen.

We cannot undermine the role of social media in business development and lead generation for health and fitness businesses. Instagram is the most favorite destination to head for successful branding and marketing activities. As per statistics, around 80 percent of the users on Instagram follow a minimum of one business and in the recent past at least 30 percent have purchased a product that they had come across on Instagram for the first time. Instagram could be a powerful platform for showcasing your fitness expertise and boosting engagement and visibility for your fitness brand. You may focus on creating superlative content because the content shared by you and the marketing stratagem around it should be impacting the level of success your fitness brand could attain on Instagram. Let us explore some of the best marketing tips for boosting your fitness brand.

Use the Perfect Pictures

A photo is intensely useful and valuable as it can speak thousands of words. Pictures are capable of narrating an entire story. We know that high-quality photos are the lifeblood and the backbone of Instagram. For gyms, health clubs, and personal trainers, photos are regarded as the chief tools for promoting and boosting the overall awareness of their businesses. Pictures help boost the visibility of businesses for competitors, influencers, and followers. You may buy Instagram followers when you have just started your business account on Instagram so that your follower count could go up instantaneously, and you can gain more and more followers eventually. According to the findings of studies and research, around 41 percent of marketers across the globe firmly believe that authentic pictures in the form of infographics and edited screenshots derive the maximum engagement of all kinds of graphics.

Pictures prove to be incredibly alluring and attractive and are successful in communicating with people. On a powerful platform like Instagram, visuals could do everything right from introducing the personal trainer or the health club to followers for highlighting the trainer’s skills and talent. It is a highly competitive scenario for gyms and fitness centers, so simply sharing mediocre content or pictures is just not enough. It is of pivotal importance to invest your time and effort in design and picture optimization. It is a wise idea to stamp your brand’s name on these pictures so that people could know of the authentic source once they get to see your content.

You should focus your attention and dedicate your time to creating unique content relevant to your fitness or personal training brand. Your visual content should showcase the personalized techniques you use to cater to your diverse clients. Your content should provide important information and valuable tips for your potential clients and followers. Nowadays, short videos are gaining tremendous traction and could prove to be a better choice for a client testimonial and most importantly, an exercise demo.

Use the Right Hashtags

You must realize that hashtags are the universal language of a social networking platform like Instagram, and they are a critical tool to find relevant information on Instagram. It would be difficult to acquire social currency such as shares, comments, or likes without hashtags. While utilizing hashtags, keep in mind that you need to determine the currently trending tags that are relevant to the kind of fitness services you provide. The seamless use of popular hashtags could be an effective way of staying relevant and abreast of the latest developments on the social media circuit. Do not abuse hashtags and ensure that you are using from five to a maximum of 30 hashtags at a time and only use hashtags that are relevant to your business and the specific post. Some hot-favorite hashtags that you could consider using on your fitness Instagram posts are #GirlsWhoLift #GymLife #Crossfit #Bodybuilding #Workout etc.

You may keep in mind that as a gym instructor or personal trainer, people expect you to have sound knowledge of healthy living and nutrition. While curating or creating new content associated with healthy diets, the following hashtags may be used: #Nutrition #Healthy Recipes #Eatclean #HealthyEating #Vegan #CalorieCounting #GlutenFree, etc.

You may consider using hashtags to locate potential followers. If you know of topics your target audience is very much interested in, you may identify posts using precisely those hashtags. You may devote some time to identify people who could probably use your assistance, consider liking their post using the said hashtag and even leave a positive comment or comment on something useful on that specific post. If Instagrammers are following you, you may start following them back.

Focus on Networking with Fitness Brands & Influencers 

A majority of the millennials across the globe rely on the suggestions of peers for making a buying decision. It makes influencer marketing currently, a powerful marketing trend. A new fitness brand, gym owner/ instructor, or up-and-coming personal trainer must rely on networking with top fitness influencers on Instagram. They must appreciate the fact that fitness influencers enjoy a massive following and incredibly high reach. Followers blindly listen to these influencers in terms of following or boycotting a particular fitness brand. Hence, it is a good idea for personal trainers and gym instructors to have a rapport and understanding with fitness influencers.


Follow the above-discussed fundamental marketing tips on Instagram if you are a fitness instructor, personal trainer, or gym owner. You may use testimonial videos for fostering trust among Instagrammers. Moreover, you may inspire your target audience with the effective use of inspirational quotes. You may use Instagram Stories to share some behind-the-scenes moments. You may realize that fitness brands will be benefitted if they use video marketing on social media platforms like Instagram. It is a great way of engaging with your present clientele and attracting your potential clients.


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