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Laser treatment waves goodbye to the spectacles’ menace

A huge stack of books and an endless Netflix watchlist goes extremely hard on the visions of today’s teenagers and makes them end up with the bespectacled geeky faces. Even the highest technologies of spectacles and high fashion claims still don’t eliminate the menace they create with our faces. A heavy nose with a mark on it and an aching head along with a thousand more things never stop to irritate us, and these spectacles become a cruel liability for us. The fact that spectacles bring the pleasance of rainy seasons upside down and don’t allow us to go smooth with any sports activity has scared the hell the out of teenagers. The chashmish teen population no longer wants to sustain the tortures that spectacles bring on them.

This era of science has brought us the convenience of laser eye treatment. With a skilled optometrist such as those at Market Mall Eye Clinic, laser treatment has the capability of correcting near-sightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism by reshaping the cornea. LASIK or in-situ keratomileusis eye laser surgery has come to the aid of a lot of people who have shed a load of spectacles by choosing this option.

LASIK eye surgery is very patient friendly, and the numbing drops eliminate most of the pain. Unlike other surgeries, this surgery doesn’t wrap you in bandages or sew you in the stitches, for that matter. It has a very high rate of success as much as 96%. It allows a person to take another surgery if after a few years as well if ageing has weakened your eyesight again. It has instant effects, and the wait for a perfect vision is over as early as by the next day itself.

Before the test?

Visit the doctor for a detailed eyes examination and transparently discuss your medical history with him or her. The doctor will conduct tests like refraction, corneal thickness, corneal mapping, pupil dilation and eye pressure.

After the tests, before the surgery?

After the doctors give you a green signal on the tests, you should visit a good surgeon. A good surgeon is the one with a lot of experience and expertise. A sensitive procedure like this, demands a good decision regarding the doctor, on your part. Don’t wear your contact lens for at least three days before the surgery. (three weeks if you wear rigid contact lens).

On the day of the surgery?

On the day of the surgery, you should take along your glasses, so that the doctor can revise your prescription if necessary. Make sure that you have a light meal. Avoid wearing any hair accessories that hinder your optimum position while the surgery. Shed any sort of eye make-up before going for the surgery. If you feel any irritation in your body or any sort of weakness or sickness, then you should inform the doctor without any hesitation. In any such case, the surgery should be postponed.

After the surgery?

Inform the doctor if you feel anything unusual happens to you. Religiously take the medications, and eye drops that the doctor prescribes. Don’t go for any other medicine or eye drops whatsoever. The results are visible usually the next day itself.

Delhi is the hub of successful laser eye treatments, and various hospitals harbour the best doctors who are acclaimed internationally for their distinguished and unmatchable service and success rate. Hospitals like FMRI, Spectra, Apollo, Centre for Sight and many other offer the best Laser treatment in India.


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