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The 4 basic steps of cooltone to keep in mind before your first appointment

Spending too much time at the gym does not always guarantee you the toned and well-contoured body you desire. You do not have to worry about disappointing results when you give Cooltone a chance. It is a non-surgical and innovative procedure designed to give you a toned and muscular appearance you so much desire.

Before you visit your physician for your first appointment, you should know the following about Cooltone.

What is Cooltone?

Cooltone is a non-surgical procedure designed to tone and strengthen muscles. Before choosing to have the procedure, you should set your goals. These will help determine how many treatments you will have to help achieve those goals. If you’re looking for a cooltone procedure, you can see more at Sculpt Spa.

Target areas for Cooltone

Cooltone procedure targets specific muscle groups in your body. These include your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. The procedure works better than surgical tummy tacks by strengthening abdominal muscles to give you a more defined midsection. Moreover, Cooltone will give you firm muscular thighs and a toned shapely butt within minutes.

Make sure you know the exact areas you want Cooltone procedure to work on and you can write down your expectations to ensure you do not forget when you visit the Cooltone providers for your first appointment.

Cooltone procedure

Cooltone is a safe non-invasive procedure that is approved by the FDA for muscle building. The procedure involves the use of Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to deliver electromagnetic energy that directly targets the muscles. The energy stimulates tissues to cause supramaximal contractions. These contractions are more powerful than those you get through regular exercises in the gym.

Your body responds to the strong muscle contractions by strengthening muscle fiber to improve your muscle tone. The procedure will also increase your strength and make you feel more energized and active.

The session takes between one to two hours and you may experience warm and intense muscle contractions as you begin treatment which fades in a few minutes. The treatment is quick and painless.

Before the procedure, it is important to have an in-person consultation with the Cooltone providers to establish whether you are a qualified candidate for the procedure. The assessment done during the consultation will help identify treatment areas and customize a more personalized plan for your treatment.

Benefits of Cooltone

Among the major benefits of Cooltone procedure is that you do not have to worry about anesthesia scarring, and pain because the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. The treatment and recovery are quick and you can even have the Cooltone procedure done during your lunch break if you have a very busy work schedule.

The most important benefit of Cooltone treatment is that you get the desired abs, butt, or tummy you envisioned. The treatment is effective for both men and women and will give you the contoured body you want within a short time.

You will be able to see results within the month after the treatment but you can continue with your fitness program immediately after treatment.

The best thing is that you do not have to visit the gym for months and have unbelievable diets to get that beautifully toned body. Cooltone will help you do it in less than a month. Get the muscle toning and attractive body you want today with Cooltone treatment.


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