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Yoga for Upper Back Pain: 5 Gentle and Effective Poses

It’s estimated that fifteen to nineteen percent of people living in industrialized countries suffer from chronic upper back pain. This pain can range from mild and irritating to constant and debilitating.

If you’re one of those who suffer from pain in the upper back, there are ways to relieve some discomfort. Continue reading to learn how to do yoga for upper back pain.

If Your Pain Is Constant or Debilitating

Before you do any yoga poses for upper back pain, you must understand the severity of your pain.

If your pain is constant or debilitating, you should search for “pain management near me” before using these exercises. If your pain is mild and happens occasionally, you can use these yoga poses when needed.

  1. Cat-Cow

Starting on your hands and knees, arch your back up and tuck your chin to your chest. Hold for at least three deep breaths, focusing on your posture.

Bring your back down, tucking your spine towards your naval. At the same time, extend your neck up, so you’re looking forward. Hold for at least three deep breaths.

  1. Downward-Facing Dog

Starting on all fours, press down into your hands, and lift your knees off the floor. Press down through your toes and palms, bringing your tailbone up towards the ceiling.

Keep your heels slightly off the ground as you press down. You should feel your back, arms, and legs stretching. Hold the pose for no longer than one minute and repeat as necessary.

  1. Sphinx

Begin in a lying position, with your stomach to the ground. Place your hands below your shoulders, with your elbows bent behind your shoulders.

Engage the bottom half of your body, pressing it into the floor. Keeping your bottom half against the ground, press down through your hands, and raise your upper body.

Continue rising until your face looks forward. Hold the pose for at least three deep breaths before lowering your upper body back to the floor. Repeat as long as you feel comfortable.

  1. Bridge

Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet against the floor. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and press your shoulders into the ground as you raise your bottom off the floor.

When you raise your bottom as high as you feel comfortable, hold the pose for at least three deep breaths. Slowly lower your bottom back to the ground.

  1. Two-Knee Spinal Twist

Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat against the floor. Bring your knees carefully to your chest, with arms extended out to either side.

Slowly rotate your knees to the left while keeping your back flat against the ground. Bring the knees back to your chest and repeat the rotation on your right side.

Do You Have More Questions About Yoga for Upper Back Pain?

Yoga and other gentle stretching methods can help alleviate upper back pain. Remember to pay attention to form and always consult a professional if your problem is severe.

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