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30 Best Keto Friendly Restaurants Near me, Eating out Keto

You have perfected the fine art of low-carb cooking and start to believe that this can’t be simpler for you. But then someone asks you to eat, and you face a tremendous new challenge: is it feasible to eat on the eating out keto without ruining all your efforts?

In some of the finest ketogenic diet restaurants and keto near me, it is easy to consume low carbon (and love it). There can be quick-casual, fast food, and even excellent restaurants. Most people, though, can not sell keto friendly restaurants near me and keto food near me until you modify your order. E.g., a burger wrapped in the latte or burrito bowls without rice and beans could be demanded.

Everybody wants to feed, and many simple remains loyal to your low carb keto near me targets are to spend a night out. Whether you follow an Atkins plan or a similar diet, there are many great alternatives with a tropical flavor and low carbohydrates. Both Atkins and eating out keto activate your body’s fat metabolism by limiting carbs, so you seek the same kind of food option for people following each diet.

Keto Friendly Restaurants Near me

If someone finds keto food near me.Here is the list of top keto friendly restaurants and keto restaurants near me. Eating out keto and hang out with your loveones in keto restaurants.

Here are some friendly restaurants and menu options if you schedule a night out:

P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang's

At first glance, Chinese food can appear out of the question on a keto diet (hello, rice, and noodles!). However, Aristotle points out the P.F. Chang’s provides many recipes that blend into the keto diet keto friendly restaurants near me. A large low-carbon, the high-fat option is this Asian Caesar Salad with Salmon – you need to pinch the crutches.

Keto-Friendly: The Asian Caesar salad with salmon



Yes, when you do Keto, you can always go out to brunch into keto friendly restaurants near me — and Denny, with their customizable omelet menu, makes it that simple. You can get various dietary facts based on whether you are having in your omelet and selecting egg white or whole egg (KetoKeto calls for all!). But Aristotle recommended that three whole eggs, cheese, and avocado be attempted. Cheese, lettuce, bell pepper, bacon, and sausages are also keto-friendly fillings or keto near me.

Keto-Friendly: Build your Slam

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger

The burger joint from So-Cal is notorious for its savory burgers and fries as keto friendly restaurants near me– but dip the bun, and you are golden, Whittel suggests. “To swap the bun with a lettuce wrap is sure to order the burger ‘the protein way,'” she suggests. If you choose to lower the calories, use the special sauce and instead choose mayo and mustard eating out keto.

Keto-Friendly: cheeseburger with onion

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Don’t assume you have to be boxed into ordering spaghetti at Olive Garden near me (and consuming a pair of breadsticks on the side).

A barbecue salmon fillet is provided in the restaurant, eaten with a droppy garlic grass butter on top. The meal is finished with Parmesan-garlic broccoli. An option of soup or side salad is given, and the salad is the better bet in this situation. Watch parts, however, as a helping of salad with Italian dressing adds another 11 g of net carbs or keto near me.

Keto-Friendly: Herb-Grilled



Take grilled lean meat and veggies to a healthy, keto-friendly meal. You will be shocked if other carbohydrates were loaded with other chicken dishes (some had over 50 g). You may use damp broccoli, but the fire-glazing veggies add a respectable 6 g net carbon if you want to switch it up or keto near me. Request a side of the guacamole to top your chicken to incorporate fat (to allow your meal to fall within the keto spectrum exactly).

Keto-Friendly: Grilled Chicken Breast



Prepared sandwiches and salads are challenging to configure, but a few proteins and fat-rich choices are available. They also serve tasty keto starbucks drinks.

This is the mini salami-cheese tray if you are looking for a zero-carb bite. Sadly, there are no products on this plate, so be sure to get elsewhere during the day in veggies eating out keto . The traditional snack combo helps hold you nicely satisfied, and the macros are not trashed because of the moderate amount of protein.

Keto-Friendly: Creminelli Snack Tray

Outback steakhouse

Outback steakhouse

A steakhouse is a pretty simple place to find keto food near me that complies with these requirements. The alternative of a smaller steak or fish meal is best to hold protein under pressure and to balance it with a non-starchy veggie hand eating out keto .

This platter is a real delicacy for special days, but most net carbs come from mushrooms. To increase your fat, don’t forget to add an 18 g extra topping roast garlic butter.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

First of all, let’s get that out of the way: cheesecakes are rich in calories but still filled with sugar (carbs), meaning that a slice of the snack finishes on the or keto near me as keto friendly restaurants near me. This menu can also be very cautious as individual options are up to 200 g of carbohydrate. From omelets to eggs, you may pick a little better to get breakfast.

The fat department is amplified with a creamy butter sauce in this delightful white cod. If the number of calories and macros — including net carbs — is more than what you want, consume half and carry the remainder home.

Keto-Friendly: Branzino with lemon butter

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays

The restaurant might be suitable for hourly applications, but it is better to avoid them. A cheeseburger “green” can cost you just 7 g net carbs, so now might be an excellent time to get a little extra veggie while you can. You can add 0 g of net carbohydrate and a dose of healthy fat.

Go to the lunchroom – here; you will get 1,000 calories in full-size salads. Carb-safe ranch dressing with just 2 g of net carbs is a decent option. Some keto-friendly choices as eating out keto include blue cheese and Caesar (the diet data below illustrates the salad topped by the ranch). Only skip the 11 g net carbohydrate balsamic vinaigrette.

Keto-Friendly: salad with Grilled Chicken

Smoothie King

Smoothie King

A smoothie could be your go-to if you are finding a light, refreshing lunch. The problem is that most milk, cream, juice, and fruit smoothies produce much too many carbohydrates on a keto diet. Smoothing King only introduced the Keto Champ Coffee and the Keto Champ Berry as keto friendly restaurants near me. There are fewer sugars in the coffee edition.

You can only use a combination of 1 g of added sugar, 7 g of fiber, and only 7 g of net carbs produced from almond milk, chocolate, almond butter, cacao, and KetoKeto protein.

Keto -Friendly: Champ Coffee

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Here are no wings; you ought to shy down or find keto near me. There are no carbohydrates in your order before the sauce is applied. A sprig burger or grilled chicken breast, plus cheese and mustard, is another perfect choice. (For the better sauce, stay with an essential classic: sweet, medium, or mild.)

A wallop of protein is packaged with each platform, and the snack section is selected. Pair them with soothing celery and blue cheese (nutritional details requires medium sauce).

Keto Friendly: Traditional Wings

Red Lobster

Red Lobster

You can eat well in the traditional seafood restaurant with a little preparation. Using their online digital menu to sort from least to most carbon hydrocarbon contents in each group. Fresh fish and seafood are all low-carb choices (shrimp, lobster, crab), and dipping or slathering them in butter adds some fat to them.

Emphasis on crab legs, you hold carbs to a low — dipped into butter, no less. Go for fresh asparagus with the lowest net carbohydrates and some fat on your collection hand.

Keto Friendly: Wild-caught snow crab

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Shake Shack opened in Manhattan as a hot dog cart and developed into one of the biggest chains of restaurants in the United States or find keto near me. They sell grazed beef and chicken, free of antibiotics, and freshly made beef. There are also options for beer, wine, and vegetarian. Order your burgers in the wraps of salad and hold your carbs down.

It would help if you inquired about your method of buying. Requesting for your regular burger on a wrap of lettuce saves 24 grams of total bun carbs. Moreover, 0 g of the total carbon is in the lettuce wrap.

Their ShackBurgers come from the standard burger of lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce with an extra 12 g of fat.

Keto Friendly: single shack burger

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill

Many restaurants that concentrate on seafood are a haven to eat. They are low-carbon restaurants, and Bonefish Grill is a perfect illustration of wood-grilled foods. They deliver high, seasonal, and local produce. Piccata, fillet mignon, and cobb salad are all included.

A great spot to find an outstanding keto meal is a seafood restaurant keto food near me. Typically, avoid any fried or breaded grilled products. Add butter or olive oil for yourself instead of sauces (which may be odd carbs).

Salmon is a fatty wild fish filled with cardiovascular omega-3 fatty acids. Eat half when 50 g protein is too much. As a dressing, order lemon butter contributes 6 g of fat. Create green beans with minimum carbs on your hands.

Keto Friendly: Grilled Atlantic salmon

Red Robin

Red Robin

Hand back, the finest restaurant in low-carbon, if you search for delicious burgers or find keto near me. You would love red Robin and their wedgie type goods, i.e., burgers with salad wraps instead of buns. They serve gourmet food. Avoid everything else and look out for sauces – these may be very rich in carbohydrates.

In that link, you must almost get a burger with a menu planned to meet all the desires of burger lovers. Fortunately, you are always left with a delicious lunch despite taking the bun and missing the chips.

Order it with lettuce-wrapped, and instead of a fork-and-knife, you can consume it with your mouth. Guac on the burger offers a source of fat and good wellbeing. (Keep just the napkins handy.) Get a slice of onion and tomato in some extra vegetables. Order one side of cucumber slices for a cool crunch, which cuts the burger’s heaviness.

Keto Friendly: Guacamole bacon



Chipotle is a fast-casual restaurant selling Mexican cuisine that is popular for its personalized burritos that salad bowls. Take advantage of this location to configure your order or only opt for the bowl in your lifestyles. Using your diet meter before going to the closest location for other orders.

Keto Friendly: salad bowl

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

This Italian-American location chain is just established as Carrabba’s and is one of the most keto friendly restaurants. It’s located in Tampa, Florida, and many of its dishes are secrets for your kin. Grilled chicken breasts drenched in the lemon butter sauce and overcame with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes are among their most popular recipes.

Pass over Italian applications such as a bruschetta to grilled prosciutto asparagus with a total of 4 g of net carbon. Your entry feature, but watch the sauces and sides the carbs jack-up is the best bet for your chicken, steaks, or fish. The meal will be full by a green veggie hand, and the fat part will be drained of olive oil to the spot you like.

In a mushroom-wine sauce, grilled chicken is smothered. Steamed asparagus will bring a few carbohydrates to the meal.

Keto Friendly: Chicken Marsala



Chili’s Grill & Bar, also renowned for Southwest cuisine, serves tasty portions and child-friendly meals. Baby back ribs and fajitas are all stuff you should order. Beer and wine are also included on the menu if you are interested.

If you’re at one of its 1500 + sites, the safest way to go with your grill is to eat them often with low carbohydrates.

Keto Friendly: Chili’s Grill

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's

You would imagine the last spot you’d watch is a sandwich restaurant. But Jimmy John’s is one of the best as keto friendly restaurants near me for the ketogenic diet, thanks to its wide choice of unwiches, known as salad wrapping sandwiches. Each unwich is created with fresh salad, all-natural meats, and veggies with sliced hands. Each unwich is assured with ten carbs or fewer.

This sandwich joint is nearly too easy to order: choose only an “unwich,” a salad bowl wrapped. Deli meals are fine low-carbon or non-carbon alternatives but bear in mind that they are not necessarily the healthiest choices since they are frozen. Not to mention, they’re rich in sodium, according to a past study, so restricting them is crucial for keeping a stable blood pressure level.

The tuna salad is a trusted high-fat choice made with mayo. One freebie: a spike-side that is 0 g of net carbohydrates and gives a massive punch of taste. Facts on a diet below for the original sized fillings and cheese and pickle for daily filling.

Keto Friendly: Provolone Cheese Unwich

Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh is famous for homemade, agricultural, and extremely healthy Tex-Mex foods and keto food near me. Any of their more common additions, though, you have to miss. It covers burritos, turkeys, nachos, and tacos or find keto near me.

The carb content is already too high even though you buy maize tacos instead of a burrito. The same for your menu salads. Go a la carte and ask for your cup, and pick the salad topped up with your protein option, as well as other fat extras such as guacamole.

Depending on your wishes, this high taste meal is quick to change for the day. If your budget is open to you, incorporate half a select quantity of vegetables for a further 3.5 g net carb. Take your choices from steak, shrimp, and carnitas. (The accompanying diet evidence indicates a guacao of 3 oz.)

Keto Friendly: Chicken, Guacamole, Cheese, Lettuce

Bahama Breeze Island Grille

Bahama Breeze Island Grille

Bahama Breeze serves Caribbean food and drinks, as the name indicates. The menu items are mainly fish, although chicken can also be found. Menu options vary significantly in each location, so you should check what is on your website if you want to plan.

Keto Friendly: Jamaican Chicken Wings

Taxes Roadhouse

Taxes Roadhouse

Many of the citizens residing in the Midwest and Southwest is at least one in Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant in the western section has a wide variety of meats, some low-carb and green and keto food near me. Both steaks, smothered chicken, and grilled salmon are perfect choices for you to remember.

Keto Friendly: Grilled BBQ Chicken with Sirloin

Season 52

Season 52

Seasons 52 provides a new barbecue and a wine bar to serve fresh seasonal fare. Your keto food near me is on the light side, and the mood in the restaurant is elegant. Alternatively, fillet mignon, scallops, salmon rust, and a greens salad are perfect examples of extremely low carb.

Keto Friendly: Lump Crab Cake

Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger

A menu of sandwiches and wraps can be challenging to manage. You would certainly be able to select a wrap of avocado pine nut, Greek chicken salad, turkey, herbal, and avocado.

Top greens with roasted cucumber include fat and nutrition for lower calories, with roasted turkey, eggs, avocado, and bacon. Rapidly ramping up fast on the grass ranch. 

Keto Friendly: Pret’s Chef salad



Chick-Fil-A is the expert for you, whether you want a chicken sandwich. But without the bun, you’ll have to buy one to go for grilled breasts and keto food near me. You can have a significant keto diet with your grilled chicken nuggets, and there are other nice sides you can consider eating out keto , including your kale snap.

Keto Friendly: Grill Nuggets



You would want to build a beeline that can quickly be managed to fit the requirements. Watch the sides – you should go to the go-tos for asparagus, cool flowers, and green beans.

The option of the more massive 5-oz steak (9 oz) tends to have mild protein. And the tasty cauliflower mash is a sizeable fat source (27 g in a serving). In case of even greater fat, order an additional 29 g fat side of its Parmesan-garlic sauce that comprises just 3 g net carbohydrates. 

Keto Friendly: Top sirloin, 5 oz



Head for this iconic hotdog chain’s “Nudies” menu. There is chicken, bacon, burger patties, and seafood, which can be supplied at your discretion with a source of fat and hand.

Sausage and roast contain more calories, but it still includes saturated fat. On the other side, grilled yellow-fin tuna provides balanced omega-3s eating out keto . Try consuming half the tuna steak to hold the protein under balance. To bump up the food’s fat, go into the salad region, order an avocado side, grab a side salad, and add avocado oil and vinegar.

Keto Friendly: “Nudie” Grilled Tuna

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain

The warm or cold lunch bar is a spot to indulge in adobo chicken or beef and broccoli but go for a whole-day breakfast choice that is pleasant to you when you need anything to go.

This choice comes with a bagel-ask to sauté the bread absolutely and take a fork at the meal. Note to pick whole eggs to maximize the fat quality, which fat-free egg whites are.

Keto Friendly: 2 Eggs, Chadder

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Pasta spots are rich in high-carbon dishes. You have good choices if you can pass these (and the breadbasket).

The grilled fillet is served next to the spinach with a white butter sauce. But you will save half for lunch tomorrow at 800 calories.

Keto Friendly: Grilled salmon lemon

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday will also deliver traditional American dishes with as few carbohydrates as practicable to people on the East Coast. Appetizers, meals, steaks, chicken, ribs, and sides are among the options eating out keto . Stop high-carbon additions such as spaghetti and mashed potatoes, and use green veggie alternatives and keto food near me.

Keto Friendly: Chicken Bella

Boston Market

Boston Market

When selecting simple chicken and vegetables, the classic chicken place is lovely. Skip bread and sauce and put your carb over. Skip bread and sauce;

Go for a three-part meal of dark meat (dark meat produces more fat than white meat). You can also prefer steamed vegetables, cucumber salads, or creamed spinach, but the easiest way to raise your fat is to make the Caesar salad with no croutons. 

Keto Friendly: Rotisserie Chicken

Final Words

While your choice of food is quite limited when you dine on KetoKeto, some of the most famous restaurants can not keep the and keto food near me low in terms of carbon. There is still a simple way to order, whether fast food, quick dining, or even fine dining. 

In certain situations, the order needs to conform to the macros. But specific sites already do that for you. Hopefully, you found everything that will support you on the next visit to your restaurant on this page. Before placing your request, check at the menu closely and inquire for additional butter or cacao as soon as you are possible! 



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