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Can You Dye Black Hair Extensions?

Black hair extensions can be found in Jet Black Color, Natural Black, and Espresso. All three of these extensions are available in the form of different hairstyles and lengths. The basic purpose of using these extensions is to provide length and volume to the hair. Sometimes these are used to make different hairstyles on certain occasions. Hand made as well as actual human hair Black extensions are considered as one of the best extensions. It is because of the reason that they can be styled in the required style of the client. These black extensions can also be customized in size and style to fulfill the requirements of the client.

Which color can the black hair extensions be dyed to?

Black hair extensions can be dyed if they are made from actual human hair. Dye on artificial black hair extension may not yield results like desired. Most of the times black hair extensions are dyed to darken the color of the extension, to match it with the hair of the client, to change its tone from warm to cool, and to change the color from black to green, purple, blue, brown or any other required color. However, it must not be forgotten that dye cannot be applied to diminish the color of the existing black hair extension. If the black hair extensions are human hair, then they can be treated exactly like human hair is treated. They can be bleached or dyed in any color of your choice. Different brands of hair color give a wide choice of selecting from their range according to the budget. Some of the renowned brands are L’Oreal Paris, Revlon, Matrix SoColor, Wella Koleston, Elgon, and many others.

Balayage Hair extensions dyed from black hair extensions

The quality, color, and tone of the balayage hair extensions from black hair extensions depend on whether human hair is dyed or artificial hair. Moreover, it also depends on whether the black hair extension is previously dyed or not. If the hair extension is dyed multiple times before, then one should anticipate multi-color or multi-tonal results. The procedure of dying hair extension from the balayage technique takes several hours and multiple steps to attain a perfect outcome. Balayage has been so much in trend since recent years that this hair dye technique does not seem to be something new but rather a normal hair dying technique.

Ombre hair extensions dyed from black hair extensions

Black hair extension can also be dyed ombre but the first one would need to lighten the hair with the help of bleach except in the roots. It can be done without bleaching too but that might not yield the desired results. Black hair extensions can be dyed ombre both at home or in a parlor by a hair specialist. Ombre is always trendy when it comes to in comparison with other stylish hair colors and hairstyles. The perfect ombre can be selected according to the warm or cool skin tone of the client. Reverse ombre also remains in the hotspot because of the trendy lighter roots and darker touch-ups.

In a nutshell, it can be said that black hair extensions can be dyed in any desired color and technique. These different dying techniques such as ombre and balayage need proper methods and processes for proper application and results.

In any case, dyeing hair will damage the hair to some extent, so good hair care is necessary. Good hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair. If you want to keep the hair extension longer last, you need to care it as your own hair. There are some tips for you to help you care for your hair extensions.

  1. Choose a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles if needed.
  2. Use lukewarm water to rinse out the extensions.
  3. Never use any products containing alcohol or ethanol to wash hair extensions.
  4. Do not comb or brush hair extensions when the hair is wet.
  5. Let the extensions air-dry on a clean towel before combing it.
  6. Choose heat-protective styling tools to style the hair.
  7. A leave-in conditioner spray can reduce tangles and frizzes.

The more careful and gentler you are to human hair extensions, the longer it will last.


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