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The benefits of toning your skin with Gluconolactone

There is every chance you may not have heard of the word, leave alone pronounce it, but dermatologists say that gluconolactone is the best exfoliating toner doing the rounds these days and an important skincare ingredient worth learning about.

While the alpha and beta hydroxy group of acids steal the limelight, when it comes to skincare, they may cause allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin. This gentler acid counterpart has today overshadowed its more popular counterparts by proving to be notably milder, than other acids, on any type of skin.

Here are some reasons to learn a bit more about this unique exfoliating acid and why it is necessary to incorporate it in your skincare routine right away.

Understanding gluconolactone

Our skin sheds dead cells naturally every 28 days, but certain things such as air-conditioning, dry air, stress etc can slow down this process.

Gluconolactone acts as a gentle exfoliator that spearheads the cell shedding process, without drying out the skin and causing irritation like other exfoliants.

Since gluconolactone has a larger molecular structure than other poly-hydroxy acids, it does not penetrate beyond the first skin layer, making its application mild and gentle for even those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Benefits of gluconolactone

Apart from its excellent exfoliating properties, gluconolactone is a big-time multi-tasker loaded with lots of unique benefits.

Exfoliates the skin

Gluconolactone, like any other acid, acts as an exfoliant that dissolves the dry and dead cells that lie on top of your skin.

This helps improve the tone and texture of the skin surface and removes excess oil as well. Again, because of its large chemical base it does not penetrate deep inside the skin, which may cause ugly side-effects like redness and flaking of the skin.

Hydrates the skin

Gluconolactone has an ingredient known as a humectant, that keeps the skin hydrated by drawing water from the air to the surface of the skin. This makes gluconolactone act both as an exfoliator as well as a hydrating agent, especially beneficial for those who cannot tolerate other hydroxy acids, without experiencing even a bit of irritation.

Has antioxidant properties

The one important ingredient in the world of skincare that will always remain popular are antioxidants. Fortunately, gluconolactone has these powerful workhorses that can protect and strengthen the skin barrier by hunting for free radicals and put up a fight against pollution and UV rays as well.

Other long-term benefits

  • Gently lifts off the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, thereby making it soft and smooth.
  • Over prolonged use it shows several anti-aging results such as a decrease in wrinkles and thickening of the skin.
  • Serves as a great moisturizer that helps to repair an impaired skin barrier.
  • Acts as a mild antibacterial which may come in useful for products designed to treat acne.

Gluconolactone is a natural substance that can be found in serums and creams. It is a polyhydroxy acid offering all the benefits of AHAs plus being gentle to all types of skins.


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