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Factors influencing the outcome of a hair transplant in Turkey

The FUE hair transplant procedure gives excellent results, but you may still be concerned about your particular situation and what outcome you will have. There are some factors that will impact the outcome of having a hair transplant in Turkey.

Your state of health

A reputable clinic with board-certified and highly qualified doctors will ask you questions about your state of health and any medication you take or illnesses you have. A doctor will also likely request a copy of your medical records. The reason is that there are situations where a person may not be healthy enough to qualify for a hair transplant surgery.

You may wonder why this is, after all, a hair transplant is a minor procedure compared with many other medical and cosmetic procedures involving surgery. Even though a hair transplant is only minimally invasive, you still need to have a strong immune system because during a transplant, cuts are made into your scalp, which means that your blood and tissues are exposed to the outside environment.

The clinic you have the work done at will make sure the procedure is done in a sterile environment and antibiotics will be used to prevent infection. Your scalp will likely be somewhat inflamed and sore afterwards but you will be given anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

You need to be in a good state of health so that your tissues can heal properly, which means if you are someone with uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure or have some other poorly managed medical condition, your recovery will be compromised and the risk of a poor outcome is increased.

Your lifestyle choices

Certain bad habits that people have also compromises the ability of their tissues to heal and may even hamper the ability of new hair follicles to grow well.

Drinking alcohol excessively and smoking cigarettes are particularly harmful. Alcohol can alter levels of hormones and it decreases zinc levels. These changes in men can mean that hair growth is impaired.

Cigarettes contain the substance nicotine, which has a vasoconstricting effect on blood vessels. Vasoconstriction is the process by which the blood vessels become narrower in diameter. The result of this is that blood flow to the cells of the body is reduced, and therefore, the delivery of important nutrients and oxygen necessary for hair follicle growth, is also decreased.

How well the procedure goes

If you have your hair transplant done at an accredited facility with experienced doctors then you have an improved chance of a successful outcome. It is important that the doctors have worked on people who have different types of hair, so they know how to cope and overcome certain issues unique to certain types of hair. A reputable doctor also ensures hair follicles that are extracted are not transected or damaged in any way, as the graft will then fail.

How well you follow directions given by the doctor

You need to listen and take advice given by the doctor for both before and after the hair transplant surgery. A certain amount of time is needed to recover and it is important you rest and eat healthy during this time.


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