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How often should you wash your hair for all hair types

Hair types are different from each other and as such require different forms of care. So the question arises how often you should wash your hair? Experts say there is no single answer to this as for most people it is a matter of personal choice.

As a thumb rule, your hair type and texture will help you decide your hair washing schedule and the right shampoo to use. This will not only enhance the health of your locks but will give the locks a pleasant appearance between washes.

It is best to first look for some of these signs that will tell you that your hair needs a wash:

  • Odor:. After a few days without a shampoo, your hair will develop a natural smell formed by normal bacteria and fungal growth. Once you start catching an unpleasant whiff, it’s time to shampoo.
  • Itching : Excess oil production to product build up can cause your scalp to itch and flake. If you have a sensitive scalp, frequent washing can help slough of the flakes and restore moisture to the scalp.
  • Sweat: Sweat makes the fungus and bacteria in the scalp thrive as they feed on it and give off an unpleasant odour. If you are out in humid weather or exercising, plan to wash your hair afterwards.

Once you have identified your hair type and texture, read on to find out how often you should wash your hair and the best treatment needed for the particular type.

Fine hair 

The scalp produces natural oil, known as sebum, which easily overwhelms the fine hair type as it has a smaller diameter. Fine hair, therefore, should be washed every day if it is straight and every other day if it is wavy.

The reason behind this is that the unimpeded flow of oil down the fine hair strands give it a greasy look, while in wavy hair oil travels more slowly and needs washing on alternate days. Use a gentle shampoo that will not weigh down on the thin strands.

Medium hair

As medium hair is much thicker in diameter than fine hair, it can go for two to four days between a wash. The same rule for fine and wavy hair applies, and you can go up to four days without washes. Wash with a shampoo formulated with silicon, paraben and is sulfate free.

Coarse hair 

Coarse hair does not get oily as quickly as fine or medium hair and as such can go even longer between washes. Straight coarse hair should be washed often, say every three days, while curly coarse hair may only need a shampoo once a week. A shampoo with amino acids adds moisture and hydrates the strands.

Kinky hair 

Kinky or oily hair is usually drier, fragile, and coarse in texture. There are three subtypes of kinky hair as under:

  • 4A: Tight curls that are coarse but soft to touch.
  • 4B: Very tight and coarse curls
  • 4C: Extremely tight curls.

Kinky hair should be shampooed just once or twice a month as washing it too often will strip the hair of its moisture and natural oils which may ultimately lead to damage.


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