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Is Hair Color Too Dark? How to Lighten It (Without Bleach)

Had dye job gone wrong? Learn how to fix dark hair that is too dark. How to lighten dyed hair? problem or not?

Did you dye your haircolor too dark? how to dye hair lighter after dying it dark. Stylist mess up your shade? Please don’t hear to those who tell you that you have no other option but to bleach it out. Bleach should be used to correct hair colour mishaps as a last resort only. There is a more reliable way that won’t fry your tresses: colour remover (or colour eraser, depending on what brand you’re looking at) haircolor too dark.

This article will concentrate on three choices for how to lighten dyed hair a too-dark dye job:

  1. Use colour remover.
  2. See a licensed hairstylist.
  3. Try fixing it up yourself at home including one of several DIY methods.

First, I recommend you try the colour remover. Colour remover and a rinse might be all you need to get your hair colour back to your desired shade.

 Is Hair Color Too Dark? Use Color Remover!

how to fix dark hair that is too dark

How to dye hair lighter after dying it dark. Dyed hair too dark brown how to lighten? Colour remover, or colour eraser, is a chemical that essentially reverses the oxidation of hair colour molecules inside the hair shaft. It smells similar to sulfur, so don’t be alarmed—that’s just the product working its magic.

While it may wipe your hair out a bit, it’s still very secure and not remotely as damaging as bleach would be. This is one of those most potent methods, mostly if it’s performed at a salon.


  1. First, use the remover to the hair, much like an all-over colour.
  2. Give it to sit for 15–20 minutes.
  3. Wash it out thoroughly with cold water
  4.    and shampoo. (Some authors may also make a test to recognise if it’s all out.
  5.    By pouring developer to the hair. This will make the leftover colour.
  6.    Re-oxidize. Don’t worry if this happens: They’ll re-apply the colour eraser).

Note: don’t worry if your hair isn’t a pretty colour. Dyed hair too dark brown how to lighten? The the goal of this is to remove the dye so that you can re-dye it. If all the colour isn’t out when the paint applied, this process could go back to the first colour. To withdraw here, after everything this has become the place, your next colour should be 1–2 shades lighter than the goal colour, to ensure it doesn’t just turn super dark again.

Can I Use This?

  • Artificial pigments: Yes. It will come out an orangey-blond colour. However, have no fear, because you’re going to dye.
  •    Over it.
  • Permanent hair colour: No, you cannot use colour remover.
  •    Permanent colours remove the natural pigment from your hair and replace it.
  •    With the artificial.
  • Semi-permanent or henna
  •    Dyes: No.
  •    These stain your hair, and the colour remover doesn’t work on them.

If a licensed messed up the dye job, you don’t fundamentally Have to go back to them to make it, but they are more disposed to be very Accommodating.

How to Fix Hair Color That is too Dark

If your hair is a total wreck, and you don’t need to even think about doing it yourself. You’ll want to attend a professional hairstylist for colour correction. This is probably one quickest way to get the colour you originally wanted, but it also is the most expensive. If the stylist is any great at their job, they should ask a few questions before starting.

What Brand of Hair Coloring Was Used?

By knowing this brand used, the stylist can choose a colour remover that will work well with the chemistry of what has already been applied to your hair. While hair colour brands will generally work with any colour remover, the agreement may also depend on this brand.

Was Here a Home Dye Job approximately Did a Stylist Not Get the Correct Color?

If you did the colour at home, including a drugstore brand, beware! Some of them are labelled as “direct dyes,” meaning that they may contain metallic ingredients (for shine) that do not cooperate among colour remover or bleach. Because of this, you must know your stylist what kind yourself used upfront. If you don’t, it could lead to additionally imperfect hair. how to dye hair lighter after dying it dark.

How Damaged Wash Your Hair Before You Wished to Go Darker?

Your stylist should be ready to determine the level of damage by touching and looking at your hair. How to dye hair lighter after dying it dark? The colour you applied may have been correct in many cases, but your hair was too acceptable from over-processing. Some people, like myself, have simply porous hair. The same remains true for damaged hair. This can be corrected by (later using the colour remover) applying a 1–2 shades lighter than the desired result.

Just remember to suggest using a colour remover (eraser) to the stylist handling the change. Also, if they offer scalp bleaching run If the stylist is any good at their job, they should ask these questions before beginning to colour correct your hair.

Do I Require to Go Back to the Similarly Stylist?

If an expert messed up the dye job, Dyed hair too dark brown how to lighten? you don’t indeed have to go back to them to how to fix hair color that is too dark —but a perk is that they’ll likely bend over backwards to make you comfortable. At the extremely least, they might give you a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the result.

If you’ve struggled with them toward a while, it might be deserving of going. Back since you have received a great rapport. Hope that they will do Everything in their power to work also makes it. Look at it as a collaborative A method, not aggression. If you’re so shocked or disappointed that you never need to return There again, providing them with some helpful feedback may be very much. She is appreciated by them. If you don’t need to return to your primary haircolor too dark, offending stylist, look for someone training in colour correction. Fixing a funky dye job doesn’t always need a trip to the Salon. Here are several ways to lighten too-dark hair through the home.

1. More DIY Fixes (Additional Than Color Remover).

If your hair is just a shade or so more shaded than what you needed and is not a mess of fried, broken hair, helping at the house is a viable alternative. Here are some benefits that you can consider, if so.

2. Use a Clarifying about Lightening Shampoo to Bleed the Color Out 

For very cool cases, washing including a clarifying shampoo a few times will usually fade it to a nice colour. It may need a bit longer (7-10 days), so be patient if it’s not disappearing right away. Watch for a shampoo that includes sulfates as this will improve the colour fade. Make sure it’s not for colour-treated hair! Deep conditioners can sometimes fade a colour. Remember, even permanent hair colour fades over time.

3. Use Baking Soda

If you see that shampoo is not helping enough, you can try to make your paste using shampoo, lemon juice, and baking soda. You’ll want to apply this to your wet hair generously and wait for at least 45 times before washing it out. Since lemon juice remains highly acidic, it can damage your hair, so use it sparingly. Your hair should be 1-2 shades more radiant after one use.

4. Use a Color/Dye Remover

As mentioned above, colour removers are one way to go. Most value stores should have salespeople who are informed about the product and whereby to do it. Be certain to follow all directions, or you strength end up back in a stylist’s chair, paying hundreds to how to fix hair color that is too dark. your attempt at correction. Remember, this will how to lighten dyed hair colour, but it won’t bring your hair back to its original colour.

5. Use a Bleach Shampoo

A bleach shampoo is the one exception to bleach use that may work for trying to correct your dark hair colour. Ensure you use bleach shampoo only if you used a professional line of hair colour (i.e. without metal salts). A bleach shampoo can be excellent if you want the colour to be a little softer, or you need it how to lighten dyed hair up quickly and intend to use a semi-permanent colour after. A permanent paint may dry out your hair and is not recommended.

Other Solutions

  • Hydrogen peroxide: This is usually used how to lighten dyed hair —either by itself, mixed with different ingredients, Or by a licensed stylist. It is generally safe, but it could produce damage.
  •  To hair plus skin if not used correctly. It’s probably great to have this completed in the Salon rather than working it home.
  • Honey and water about apple cider vinegar mixture: 

The Combination may help decrease your hair as well. Use a 4:1 ratio from honey.

  •    And water or apple cider vinegar. You can also add a small bit of
  •    Hydrogen peroxide if you feel satisfied using that. Pour the batter
  •    onto your hair, cover it with a bathing cap, including let sit for about two
  •    Hours. Rinse. You should notice a distinction after using it one time.
  • Honey, cinnamon, and olive oil
  •    Is another way to how to lighten dyed hair naturally. However, it is very.
  •    Continuous process. You may need to make it 10-15 times to notice a variance.
  •    How does this work? Trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide become activated.
  •    When mixed with cinnamon. The olive oil is an excellent way to compute some special.
  •    Hydration.

Note: There are a lot of various DIY solutions out there, including using chamomille tea or coconut oil, though the results have been very hit or miss depending on your hair colour.

What Should I Take After the Color Fades?

If you choose to go the DIY route, do sure to treat your hair after the colour fades because the shampoo directions likely strip your essential oils’ hair. Buy a leave-in conditioner about hair mask made for normal hair. Be patient. It may take weeks or periods to get back before your original colour.

How to Withdraw This Situation in the Future  

  • Make sure to pick the best haircolor too dark not. This is not as simple because you may think. Compare dyes and do some research. Some brands like Garnier and L’Oreal let you virtually examine out another.
  •    Shades to get the right thing for you. If there’s a particular brand you like, Check out their site to see if something like this is available.
  • Please don’t leave the dye on higher than it answers.
  • If in doubt, pick a little piece of a
  •    More moderate shade. You can always deepen it in the future.
  • Don’t mix brands or colours.
  • Get a consultation from a professional.
  •    They can help you find the right colour and ensure your hair is dyed.
  •    Correctly.
  • If getting it professionally done,
  •    Communicate with your stylist. Be as specific as you can be. Bringing in
  •    Pictures are always a good idea. Don’t let them influence you into something you.
  •    Don’t want to. It’s your hair.


Dyed hair too dark brown how to lighten? We hope that now you can understand how to deal with darker hair color how to lighten it without using it so what are you waiting for if you really want to lighten your shade try the above-mentioned method and get rid of the shade which you didn’t want. Good luck.


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